Leadership Training and Coaching: How to Become a Coach Who Chooses Your Results

Wherever you are in the process of leadership training and coaching, ask yourself these questions. What types of results could you get if you had complete mastery over your emotions? What would you attempt? Who would you become? What would your life look like? Do you know how to become a coach who chooses your results and helps others do the same?

Think back on your career ileadership training and coaching. Have you ever had an “impossible” goal and after an amazing breakthrough you succeeded? But when people asked you how you did it, you didn’t know? And sometimes you are just talking to someone, and can’t get the words out right? To become a coach, and get the same results consistently, you need to know the answer.

Where Most Leadership Training and Coaching Falls Short

Your emotions are not you. You’re not scared; you are in a scared state of mind. You are not smart; you are in a smart state of mind. You can be in a loving state, an angry state, a self-conscious state…

The Key To Become a Coach: State of Mind

you will need to get into a top leadership state of mind. And the best part is that YOU get to choose!

To become a coach who knows how to choose which state you will perform in, you need to know the 3 factors which fuel our emotions. Leadership training and coaching tools can be used to shift your emotions from any one of these areas:

Physiology: Our posture, muscle tone, and facial expressions. We can make changes in our physiology through nutrition, hydration, and movement. But did you know professional runners’ heart rates and blood pressures increase even before the starting gun goes off? They have trained their bodies to anticipate the demands of the race. To become a coach that really transforms people’s lives, you will need to be able to help your clients shift their physiology within a few minutes.

Language: Often we aren’t even aware of the negative self talk we use, and the powerful potential we can access by changing what we say to ourselves. Leadership training and coaching is an excellent forum to identify and remedy self talk that keeps us from accomplishing our goals.

Beliefs: A belief is nothing more than a feeling of certainty that something is true. Our self imposed beliefs can limit our success, just as the belief that no one could run a mile under 4 minutes kept athletes from running at their potential for years. Roger Bannister decided to become a coach for himself because he chose not to believe coaches who told him running a mile under 4 minutes was impossible.

There are 3 levels of mastery over our emotions and state of mind. Which one do you fall under?

1st level of mastery: When you hang out with someone positive, you feel good. You show mastery by choosing to be with that person. Most people operate here. They may feel powerful and unstoppable when they’re talking to their mentor.

2nd level of mastery: You tell yourself, “I’m going through this challenge and still choose to feel good.” You are applying a state of mind to a certain environment.

3rd level of mastery: You take any state of mind and generalize it to any life circumstance. You choose the emotion of being powerful and unstoppable no matter what your circumstances are.

With advanced leadership training and coaching, you can start taking control of the steering wheel that drives your performance.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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