Executive Coaching For Dummies: Leadership Training and Coaching

If you think you have to be brilliant to be able to provide executive coaching, think again.  With basic leadership training and coaching, you can understand the psychology behind the game and really be able to transform ordinary leaders into giants.  These leadership training and coaching skills can be used in many contexts; from sales, to executive coaching, to parenting, to management, to high level political debates.

Enter into Your Clients World to Make a Measureable Difference Using Executive Coaching

Here’s what most people don’t understand about leadership training and coaching, if they did it would change their lives forever.  When you’re talking to someone you are either in your reality or you are in theirs.  After executive coaching, hopefully you can go back and forth between these two realities within a single conversation.  We all have our own worlds, so to speak.  And in these worlds we have our own languages, beliefs, and rules of how things must work.  And unless the person you’re talking to is willing to come into your world, you must go into theirs.

With the Right Leadership Training and Coaching Skills Your Ventures in Others Worlds Will Help You to Discover What Makes That Person Tick

Some people don’t want to go into others peoples’ worlds.  But the executive coaching for that person is that whoever is the most flexible and adaptable, is the leader.  With leadership training and coaching skills that allow you to venture into someone else’s world, you can learn enough to really influence that person.  Perhaps even enough to get them to come into your own world.  Imagine the possibilities of having a conversation where both people were able to see things from the other person’s point of view!

Do More Than Listen and Understand, Use Your Executive Coaching Skills to Dive into Your Clients Worlds

The key leadership training and coaching skills you’ll need, go far beyond listening and trying to understand.  Just like going into another world, you’ll need to try out the food and experience some of what that world has to offer.  Not based on your own prejudices, but through the eyes of the locals of that world.  Maybe in your world, you don’t eat bugs, but in someone else’s world grubs are a delicacy.  This executive coaching strategy of truly seeing things from another person’s perspective will pay off, but a word of caution.  Make sure you don’t go so far into that other world that you get lost.  We’ve all had those conversations with people who are so far into their own world and problems they can’t see solutions.  Don’t get stuck there with them.

Since few people are willing or able to bridge over into your reality, you have two choices.  Use your leadership training and coaching skills to bridge into theirs, or stay in your own world.   But at least with this executive coaching, you know you have a choice.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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