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Delivering world-class online life coaching from the comfort of your home might have seemed the stuff of fantasy a few years ago. But today, it is rapidly becoming the norm. Already, video coaching packages deliver results, allowing coaches to reach clients without the time and expense of travel for either party. There are many ways in which you can become an effective online based coach, providing joy to your clients and growing a business you can be proud of.

Online Life Coaching
Online Life Coaching – Mark Adams ©

Finding Your Target User Base

A key aspect for any coach is finding out where you truly excel. You might be a jack of all trades type of coach, able to provide good advice to a number of industries, but if you can find a small handful – or even just one or two – specializations to focus on, you’re on to a winner.

To identify your niche, you can follow a number of methods. One way is by asking your clients to complete research surveys. These will enable you to find gaps in the market, and research exactly what consumers are looking for. Another way is to harness the power of social media, and see what’s trending and where the gaps in market expertise are.

Gathering Clients

Working from home and gathering clients was once an onerous process involving leaflets, shop advertisements, classified ads and even cold calling. These days, it’s far simpler – as simple as getting on Facebook or Twitter, and making your message available for clients to discover. To get the most out of social media, you need to optimize, like enhancing your Tweet visibility. The beauty of social media referrals is the ease of access; you can be coaching someone from home within a few clicks.

If you need to sell to your clients and find yourself asked about the efficacy of being coached remotely, there’s science to back you up. A Harvard Business Review found that working from home increases productivity.

Growing Your Online Life Coaching Business

With a client base, research and your specialization nailed down, you’ll naturally look to growing your online coaching business. This can be tricky; if you’re not business savvy, but luckily, online coaching forms somewhat of a circle of life in this sense. Coaches like yourself will have developed excellent online coaching opportunities – so why not opt for a business coach yourself?

Coaching can be done excellently via the internet these days – you really don’t need to leave your couch, except to put something presentable on for video link. You can take advantage today, if you want to, and build yourself a coaching nest egg.

Lucy Wyndham
Guest Contributor, Coaches Training Blog

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