5 Ways to Improve Your Coaching Competency

Although every coaching relationship will be unique by design, you must develop high enough coaching competency to adapt to what each client needs. In order to be most effective it is important that you treat each individual coaching session with the utmost care. As the possibilities to earn unlimited income increase with each new client gained, it is easy to lose sight of the main reason you decided to become a professional coach.   In order to ensure a lasting impact is made, it is critical … [Read more...]

Coaching Competencies or Coaching Incompetencies?

Most coaches have heard of coaching competencies, but have they heard of coaching incompetencies? Coaching competencies are basically the sufficient and necessary skills needed to be a good and effective coach, and to run a profitable coaching practice. What are the Most Important Coaching Competencies? The 11 core coaching competencies developed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) are: Meeting professional standards and ethical guidelines Establishing the coaching agreement … [Read more...]

Coaching Competencies: The Difference Between a Coach and a Counselor

Sometimes when discussing coaching competencies, the words “coach” and “counselor” are used interchangeably. However, they are NOT the same thing. What is the Difference Between a Coach and a Counselor? A counselor is someone who has specific expertise in a certain type of business or industry. Coaches work for a broader range of clients and generally have a wider range of knowledge in more areas than a counselor. Counselors diagnose problems with a company’s organization, structure, and … [Read more...]