The Top 10 Professional Life Coaching Myths

Even though life coaching is hot right now, it would be wise to read these top 10 professional life coaching myths before you jump on the bandwagon. Whether you are seeking to hire a life coach, or have a desire to become one, these top 10 professional life coaching myths should be required reading before you make your decision. The Top Professional Life Coaching Myth This one should be at the top of any top 10 list of life coaching myths: Al life coaches are basically the same. Like … [Read more...]

Want to be an Olympia Money Coach?

If you peruse the Internet, you will find a business called Olympia Money Coach, but it hard to tell if the business is still operating. Whether it is open for business or not doesn’t matter if you are in the Olympia area, and are skilled at helping people with their finances. Why don't you consider becoming an Olympia money coach. Why be a Money Coach? Being an Olympia money coach, or a money coach anywhere in the country is a great gig because you get to help others while you build … [Read more...]

What is a Coaching Training Signature Program?

What is a coaching training signature program? Is it something special? Something unique? Something that tells everyone who you are and what you do? What is a Coaching Training Signature Program? A coaching training signature program is a product, service, or program that is your top level offering; a program, product, or service that sets you apart from the competition. If you don't already have a coach training signature program, you should seriously consider creating one. It … [Read more...]

6 Trends in Executive Coaching

What are some of the most relevant trends in executive coaching as we hit the mid-point of the decade? If you are considering a career in executive coaching, or are already an established executive coach, it is helpful to know the trends in executive coaching so you can adjust your business model accordingly. Here are 6 trends in executive coaching that may influence how you do business in the near future. 6 Trends in Executive Coaching Executive coaching continues to evolve as an … [Read more...]

Why Get a Spiritual Life Coach Certification?

Ever think about obtaining a spiritual life coach certification? Do you desire to help clients find something vital that is missing in their lives? Do you want to help clients find love, purpose, and meaning in life? If you have a positive attitude, and believe in raising consciousness and awareness, then getting your spiritual life coach certification just might be the right path for you. Spirit comes from the Latin word meaning “breath.” Just as breathing is essential for life, so is … [Read more...]

What is Corporate Coach Training?

Managing people is a skill that takes hard work, experience, skills, and education – corporate coach training can provide you with the skills and the education. Whether you are a high-level executive, a small business owner, or a corporate manager at any level, managing people is an important part of your work day. Corporate coach training isn't just for those who work for corporations. It is for anyone in any leadership position. 6 Skills Taught by Corporate Coach … [Read more...]

6 Proven and Valuable Media Coaching Tips to Boost Your Business

Most professionals don't think about media coaching or media coaching tips. Most professionals don't ever plan on being on television. However, the media isn't just television – it also includes radio, newspapers, the Internet, and anything you can think of on or in which you can promote your services. So Why Would You Need Media Coaching? Not matter what type of professional you are, you need to promote your business. Placing ads in a newspaper is a dying method, and placing ads on … [Read more...]

The Basics of Building a Coaching Business Online That Makes a Profit

Business a coaching business online can be a daunting task. Building any business online takes plenty of hard work, a healthy dose of patience, a little luck, and even more hard work. However, to ensure that luck plays as little a role as possible, there are a few basics to consider when building a coaching business online. 7 Steps to Building a Coaching Business Online Find a need and fill it. You already know there is a need for coaches, that's one of the reasons you became a coach. … [Read more...]

Basic Coaching Certification Criteria for Successful Coaches

All coaching programs have certain coaching certification criteria you need to meet in order to receive your certification. It's up to you to know what these criteria are, and to determine if they meet your needs when you are trying to start your career as a coach. Get a Certification – Earn More Money According to a 2012 ICF (International Coach Federation) global study, coaches who have a credential earn more than those without one. Being a credentialed coach is one way that you can … [Read more...]

The University of Delaware Health Coaching Certificate Program

The University of Delaware health coaching certificate is a graduate program designed to offer students and professionals who work in the industry the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in health coaching. The skills taught are used to facilitate behavioral change that reduces chronic disease and promotes a healthy lifestyle. What Will the University of Delaware Health Coaching Certificate Do For You? The University of Delaware health coach certificate program will help you learn … [Read more...]