6 Proven and Valuable Media Coaching Tips to Boost Your Business

Most professionals don’t think about media coaching or media coaching tips. Most professionals don’t ever plan on being on television. However, the media isn’t just television – it also includes radio, newspapers, the Internet, and anything you can think of on or in which you can promote your services.

Coaching Tips
Coaching Tips

So Why Would You Need Media Coaching?

Not matter what type of professional you are, you need to promote your business. Placing ads in a newspaper is a dying method, and placing ads on Craigslist or some other online site is good, but it doesn’t allow you to personally stand out.

To really fire up your business, you need to get your face and your voice out there to the public. You need to create a media campaign that tells the world how wonderful you are and how you can help your target market.

So – who needs media coaching, and media coaching tips? If you have a business – you do!

The Most Important Media Coaching Tip

If you are going to promote your business on different media, you need to make sure that everything you say and do is in alignment. If you speak on the radio, your words should reflect what you website says, or what you taught in a recent webinar, or what you talk about in one of your YouTube videos. It’s all media, and it’s all connected.

5 More Proven and Valuable Media Coaching Tips

You’re ready to take the plunge and join the world of promotion in the 21st century. There are so many options for you, but how do you begin? Well, before you start, here are a few crucial medial coaching tips to make your presentation, speech, interview, or video sound more appealing and professional to your target audience.

  1. Be Yourself and Speak Naturally. Don’t change who you are to attract customers. Sure, you may have to tone down some rough edges (if you liberally sprinkle four-letter words in your normal conversations, this is probably not a good thing when promoting your product!), but act naturally and let your personality shine.
  2. Create sound bites. You should develop some short phrases that help describe who you are and what you do. These should be used across all media. These will act like a personal or company brand – people will recognize them and associate them with you and your services.
  3. Create stories you can use with different audiences and on different types of media. These stories can be about your personal life, your business, clients who have used your services, or anything that helps describe your business. They add a personal touch to your promotion, and can be modified to suit different audiences.
  4. Sell without selling. Yes, some types of media are great for selling – your website should have stories and valuable information, but it should also contain various ways to buy your products. However, some types of promoting should be all about your business without any hint of selling. Give an interview on the radio – talk about your business, tell your stories, give them some soundbites, but don’t talk make the purchase of your services a priority.
  5. Be positive and confident. No list of media coaching tips would be complete without the mention of confidence and a positive message. Don’t make your message a diatribe against your competitors? Make it a statement of how you can help your clients get the outcomes they want.

Using these 6 proven and valuable media coaching tips will not only help you market and promote your business, these tips will also help to brand you as an expert in your field. Marketing, promotion, and expert status means your business will be taken to a whole new level!

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  1. Barbara King says

    Great coaching tips to help you get your word across through various streams of media. In this day and age being able to reach more people through different streams of communication is definitely an advantage.

  2. Katharina Smith says

    These media coaching tips will surely help you get your word across and help you with your business. Thanks for sharing.

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