The University of Delaware Health Coaching Certificate Program

The University of Delaware health coaching certificate is a graduate program designed to offer students and professionals who work in the industry the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in health coaching. The skills taught are used to facilitate behavioral change that reduces chronic disease and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Health Coaching
Health Coaching

What Will the University of Delaware Health Coaching Certificate Do For You?

The University of Delaware health coach certificate program will help you learn the skills needed to

  • Guide clients in the pursuit of health lifestyles
  • Help clients create their own health maintenance and self care activities.
  • Help individuals identify and clarify their own health goals.
  • Work with clients to implement a plan to reach their goals.
  • Assist people in reducing the negative effects of chronic conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Admission Requirements

Not everyone can get into the University of Delaware health coaching certificate program, but it is open to anyone who has fulfilled a few basic requirements.

  • An individual with a health related undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Some degrees that work for this include nutrition, exercise science, behavioral health, nursing, and kinesiology.
  • A health professional with a masters or doctorate degree.
  • Individuals with non-health related undergraduate degrees who have experience in health care or behavioral health
  • If you meet one of the first three requirements, then you need to successfully fill out a University of Delaware Graduate studies application, provide three letters of recommendation, and complete an application essay.

Acceptance into the University of Delaware health coaching certificate program will be determined by a faculty committee composed of teachers in the program. Applicants are assessed based on their record of success in their undergraduate programs, and their potential for success in graduate studies.

Receiving the Coaching Certificate

Students must take 18 credits, which include courses on Health Behavior, Integrative Health, and Health Coaching. Once the 18 credits have been completed, students must take an exam in order to receive their certificate. The exam includes a coaching session with a standardized patient under the observation of two members of the health coaching faculty.

Why Get a Health Coaching Certificate?

According to a recent survey by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “educated and experienced fitness professionals” now make up the most important fitness trend in the world – they moved from third place to first place in the past year. Personal trainers moved from seventh to third place in a year. A University of Delaware health coaching certificate will allow you to join other professionals in an exciting and rewarding career.

People want to get healthy and live well, but in our fast-paced, fast-food world, it can be challenging. Many people need assistance – information, guidance, inspiration, motivation, and the skills of a professional to help them reach their health goals.

More than 66 percent of adult Americans are obese or overweight, and children are also having issues with weight. Americans need health professionals to help them make healthy behavioral changes and to learn how to live well.

A University of Delaware health coaching certificate is one way you can pursue a career in a growing and dynamic field. You get to help others while you make a good living – it’s the perfect career for someone who has a passion for health and a desire to help others.

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  1. Dennis Moore says

    For those who are thinking of a career in health coaching, the program at the university of Delaware is the one for you. Happy to know that schools have been taking a career in coaching seriously.

  2. Donna Whitworth says

    Other schools should take a hint and offer more programs in different fields of coaching. University of Delaware, great job. Thanks for sharing.

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