Why Executive Coaching is Important

Do you know why executive coaching is important? Do you think it is important? Or, do you think is merely a way for business leaders to look as if they are doing something to improve their performance so they can justify big paychecks and bonuses? Why Do Executives Need Executive Coaching? Here are a few of the main reasons why executive coaching is important: • It gives businesses a way of developing their senior staff in a timely and cost-effective manner. • It helps prepare a … [Read more...]

5 Not So Secret Tips in Coaching

Tips in coaching circles are often only discovered after you have been coaching for many years. These secret tips that only insiders know are discovered through trial and error, experience with different clients, and through conversation with coaching peers. 5 Not-So Secret Tips in Coaching But, this article is not about those secret tips in coaching clients; this one is about those not-so secret tips that coaches should know, but just might not think about because they seem so … [Read more...]

Why You Need Online Life Coach Certification Training

Online life coach certification training is one way to prepare yourself for a career as a life coach. So much is found online today, and it's no different with coach training. Many life coaching certification programs are found and conducted online. This make it easier for you...and anyone to get trained – fast! Why You Should Get a Life Coach Certification A 2012 ICF (International Coach Federation) study found that coaching generates an estimated $2 billion (US dollars) revenue … [Read more...]

What is Action Business Coaching?

Action business coaching can refer to the franchise opportunity to own a business coaching practice through ActionCoach Business Coaching. This leader in the industry started in 1993 and has remained one of the top coaching networks in the business. They are truly an international company with franchises all across the globe. Action Business Coaching Means Business ActionCoach has several ways for individuals to get involved and get started making money in the business coaching … [Read more...]

The Future of Wellness Coaching Jobs

Will wellness coaching jobs be in demand or will the field stagnate? Is wellness coaching in an upward trend or has it reached a plateau and leveled out? America – Land of the Fat There's a real disconnect in America – people want to live healthy, but the country just keeps getting fatter and fatter. Obesity is at almost epidemic levels and diabetes has been on the rise for some time. But, there's a constant emphasis on diet, nutrition, and exercise. What gives? There's probably a … [Read more...]

Is Career Coach Training Worthless?

IF you want to be a career coach, it seems logical that you need career coach training. But, does that career coach training automatically make you a good coach? Could that coach training actually be worthless and a waste of good money? Career Coach Training is Worthless Career coaching requires special skills, knowledge, and character traits, just like any coaching niche or segment of the industry. You learn the knowledge and skills in a coaching program...as long as the program is worth … [Read more...]

The Future of Online Health Coaching Jobs

Are there many online health coaching jobs? Is there such a thing as an online health coaching job? If so, where do you sign up! The Health Coaching Revolution Twenty years ago, how many people went to Yoga classes? Twenty years ago, who even knew what Pilates was? There is a health revolution going on in the United States. People see plenty of obese people around them, and they don't want to get that way. Obese people see plenty of skinny, fit people around them, and they want to get … [Read more...]

4 Keys to Success Coaching Success

What are the keys to success coaching success? If you want to be a success in the success coaching business, what do you need to do? What is Success Coaching? Success coaching involves a step by step process. It takes a client from the identification of goals to the achievement of those goals. It helps individuals define, work towards, and achieve goals with greater clarity and ease than they can by themselves. Success coaching is educational, as clients learn knowledge, skills, and … [Read more...]

Do You Need to be an Executive to Have an Executive Coaching Career?

Thinking of an executive coaching career? Do you have what it takes? Is it a financially viable career option? Is it right for you? The Evolution of Executive Coaching Executive coaching has come a long way in the past few decades. The evolution has been stunningly fast. If someone mentioned executive coaching only a few decades ago, it would inspire the question: “A coach? Isn't that for athletic teams?” During the next decade, coaches were thought of as corporate shrinks: “There's … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Coaching Optimists and Pessimists

The psychology of coaching gets to the core of how you coach – different people with different mindsets. When you encounter an optimist or a pessimist in your coaching practice, you might think it’s best to help turn that pessimist into an optimist. You might be wrong. Is it Better to be an Optimist? Most coaches are very positive people, but there are certainly a few pessimists in the bunch. Though we've heard that it is better to be an optimist, is that really the case? Many experts … [Read more...]