The Future of Wellness Coaching Jobs

Will wellness coaching jobs be in demand or will the field stagnate? Is wellness coaching in an upward trend or has it reached a plateau and leveled out?

Health Coaching

America – Land of the Fat

There’s a real disconnect in America – people want to live healthy, but the country just keeps getting fatter and fatter. Obesity is at almost epidemic levels and diabetes has been on the rise for some time. But, there’s a constant emphasis on diet, nutrition, and exercise. What gives?

There’s probably a million reasons why we keep getting fatter – it’s our fast food culture, it’s the way food is processed by large corporations, it’s wheat, it’s gluten, it’s lactose, it’s everything and nothing.

Though blame can be placed in many places, ultimately it’s an individual’s responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle…or not. Though we live in the information age, the public is sadly uninformed about many matters concerning health, diet, exercise, and nutrition. This is where the wellness coach comes in, and this is why wellness coaching jobs will be plentiful in the very near future.

Live Longer and Better

People want to live longer. But, who the hell wants to live longer if its just means additional years of pain, inactivity, and decline. People also want to live better. A wellness coach can help clients live longer and better!

Where are the Wellness Coaching Jobs?

Wellness coaching jobs and wellness coaches barely existed twenty years ago, but that has changed very quickly. Independent wellness coaches are found in every city. Those with the entrepreneurial spirit can elect to work on their own as a coach. They make they own jobs!

More and more employers are seeing the benefits of having a wellness coach on staff. Employees stay healthier and more active – they miss less work days and are more productive. It’s a win for the company…and for the healthier employees.

A wellness coach working for a large company – that is a wellness coaching job, and that segment of the industry should soon be booming.

Another potential source of wellness coaching jobs is working with health care organizations – from HMOs to small clinics to government agencies. Having a dedicated wellness coach on staff will give more time to the doctors, and also help patients learn more about being proactive with their own health. The more proactive they are, the healthier they will be, and the less time they will need with their doctors, surgeons, or other health care technicians. The health care office saves money and they have healthier patients – a win for everyone!

The Future of Wellness Coaching

People want to get and stay healthy, but they don’t always have the resources, knowledge, or willpower to do it. Wellness coaches will fill the demand for this knowledge and help.

Wellness coaching will also be spurred on by our recent financial crisis and the continuing rise in health care costs. People want to find ways to lower their health care expenses – one way to do this I to stay healthy. It may not influence the base cost of health insurance, but less doctor visits, fewer prescription, less surgeries, and less time on sick leave will mean more money in your pocket.

The future for wellness coaching jobs is now. If you are seeking a new career, take a look at wellness coaching – you will definitely like what you see.

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  1. Lynne says

    Obesity is one of the more pressing problems today and though people want to be healthy and have a healthy lifestyle, they are either uninformed or misinformed. A wellness coach is definitely an answer to this problem.

  2. Honey says

    The wellness industry has grown in leaps and bounds but it needs people who will help the individual decide which steps to take to stay healthy.

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