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Why Starting My Own life Coaching Business is a Great Idea

Starting my own life coaching business is a dream. But, it should be one of those dreams that are turned into reality. What about you? Are you thinking of starting your own life coaching business? Are you thinking of getting into the exciting coaching field? What is Life Coaching? Life coaching is inspiring, positive, motivational, dynamic, and rewarding. It is also people-centric and action-driven. Life coaching is centered on a synergistic relationship between a coach and a client, … [Read more...]

Do You Need Accredited Life Coach Certification?

Do you need an accredited life coach certification? Well, if you want to become an accountant, a doctor, or a nuclear physicist, then no, you don't need an accredited life certification. But, if you want to become a life need it! Is a Certification Needed to be a Life Coach? There are no legal requirements to be certified if you want to enter the life coaching profession. It’s like the Wild West out there. Want to be a coach…just hang out a sign and call yourself a life coach. … [Read more...]

How Much is Good Relationship Coach Salary?

What is a good relationship coach salary? It depends – how's that for a definitive answer? But, it does depend on many factors, and can be as varied as the coaches who earn the salary. Relationship Coach Salary or Income First of all, most relationship coaches work for themselves and they may think of the money they make as income, not salary. But you say potato, and I say “potahto.” It's all money you earn from helping clients with their relationship issues. It's all money in your pocket, … [Read more...]

Life Coaching VS The World

After you begin your career in life coaching, you might be asked a common question by those who are unfamiliar with the valuable services that you can provide. Potential coaching clients might ask you this question. People interested in becoming a life coach might ask you this question. Just about anyone who is interested in any aspect of the life coaching profession might ask you this question. This question can vary a bit, but it always starts something like this: "What's the difference … [Read more...]