Will Online Life Coach Certification Give You Everything You Need to be a Life Coach?

Will online life coach certification give you everything you need to become a life coach? Well, online training and certification is becoming more common and the quality has improved tremendously over the past decade or so. In the past, in-person training was probably better, but the times they are a-changing! Welcome to the Digital Age Everything, including coaching, is going digital. You get obtain online life coaching certifications from the comfort of your own home. Many people prefer … [Read more...]

Online Life Coach Certification Is Strictly BS

Online life coach certification sounds pretty good. Heck you can get a PhD from an accredited university online, so why not life coach certification. That is simple. If your PhD program is simply a bunch of information delivered strictly online or strictly from a bunch of books, it would be BS, too. (And by BS, I don’t mean anything clever like “brilliantly simple.”) Here is how to judge the merits of a life coach certification program delivered online or any other way. There Is a Lot More to … [Read more...]