Online Life Coach Certification Is Strictly BS

Online life coach certification sounds pretty good. Heck you can get a PhD from an accredited university online, so why not life coach certification. That is simple. If your PhD program is simply a bunch of information delivered strictly online or strictly from a bunch of books, it would be BS, too. (And by BS, I don’t mean anything clever like “brilliantly simple.”) Here is how to judge the merits of a life coach certification program delivered online or any other way.

There Is a Lot More to It than “Online”

There has got to be more than online stuff to an online life coach certification program. Sure you can do a lot of great things with online training, although the vast majority of online training is just crap. On the positive side, you can watch great lectures, participate in webinars with experienced coach-instructors, and do highly effective interactive training. But coaching is about coaching, and learning to coach is about coaching and being coached in a structured way with objective evaluations and lots of constructive feedback.

Online Life Coach Certification Can Be 100% Remote

Online programs enhanced with conference calls and telephone coaching sessions can do the tick. You don’t really have to ever meet face-to-face with your instructors, classmates or clients. In fact, working remotely can have real advantages. For one thing, you can work with clients anywhere in the world that there are telephony connections. You can run your whole practice from that beach that Tim Ferriss is always talking about.

Just What Is Required for Life Coach Certification?

No matter how you deliver it – online or in a classroom – content and coaching are king. First, make sure that your coaching program is based on solid scientific principles. Second make sure that there is a lot of coaching and being coached – hours and hours. Check their references. And finally talk with graduates, and their clients. The measure of quality for online life coach certification is the results achieved by the program’s graduates and their clients – period.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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