Coaching + Training + Marketing = Success

Here’s a math equation to figure out: Coaching + Training + Marketing = Success. It’s not some type of math you’re familiar with, and it’s not even some type of new math they are teaching these days. It’s not advanced algebra or something that’s used to figure out complex physics mysteries. Coaching + Training = Success is all about how you can be a success in the coaching profession. Why Coaching Matters The first part of the equation is coaching, and what do we mean by coaching? In … [Read more...]

Coaching + Training = Profits

Formula: Coaching + Training = Profits. What does this formula mean? Well, to break it down, it means: coaching experience plus continual training will put you into a higher tax bracket. Admittedly, many coaches start out making almost abysmal pay. Starting salaries for coaches can be low and if you are starting your own coaching practice, it takes months or years to build up a solid client base that will generate a very good income. But, if you remember the formula, coaching + training = … [Read more...]

Get and Give Coaching + Training

Whether you are training to be a coach, or a professional coach in your practice, you’ve got to get and give coaching + training.  So whether you are evaluating coaching training programs, or formulating your own coaching practice, it takes both. Here is what I mean. To Learn Coaching, You Must Get and Give Coaching I admit there is a lot of “book learning” that goes into becoming an expert coach, but there is also personal and skills development that require getting coaching and giving … [Read more...]