Yes – There is a Market For Success Coach Jobs!

Will there be success coach jobs in the future? Well, coaches, listen up! There are so many niches, sub-categories, and segments of the coaching industry, that it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right field of coaching expertise. You want one that is growing and offers an increasing pool of potential clients. One segment of the coaching field that just may boom in the future is success coaching. Yes, there will most likely be a multitude of success coach jobs for you to choose … [Read more...]

Salary of a Life Coach: Training, Make A Difference Noticeable

Salary of a life coach: Training, make the difference noticeable in your private practice. All new coaches want to know if investing more time in training will help to increase their salary. I say it doesn’t matter how hard you train, the answer is in the heart of your client’s results. What we Wonder About the Salary of a Life Coach Does where you train to become a life coach determine how much you can charge? If I study longer will I make more money? Does how hard and rigorous the course … [Read more...]

Earning Top Career Coaching Fees

Simply put your career coaching fees depend entirely on the career coaching you deliver. Here are three coaching models that can take you from ramen noodles to filet mignon. As always your income is driven by the results that you deliver for your client. Understand your client, their dreams, desires and talents. Then be an active agent in their achieving them, and you will be dinning on the best, and have superstars lining up to be your clients! When Is Being a Career Coach Like Being a High … [Read more...]

How to Become a Dating Coach Everyone Wants to Hire

How to become a dating coach everyone wants to hire? That's the question. With so many people unsure of the best way to find their soul mate, or just a good date, there are plenty of potential clients. However, if your question is how to become a dating coach, or rather, a successful dating coach, you better think about ways to become the best damn dating coach you can be! 5 Answers to the Question – How to Become a Dating Coach Everyone Wants to Hire? Help someone for free. Giving away free … [Read more...]

Why Become a Cancer Coach

What is the best answer to the question, “Why become a cancer coach?” Cancer is one of the most tragic diseases in the world today and if you become a cancer coach you can have a positive impact on thousands of lives. Cancer coaches help cancer patients find the most up-to-date medical information regarding conventional patient care, help them learn about effective, complementary care, and even counsel them on alternative forms of cancer treatment. That’s right - the best answer is that you … [Read more...]

Can You Help Us Coach?

Tell us Coach, what exactly do you do? Many people are confused about what changes a life coach can help you make. What is a life coach? What can you expect to gain as a result of working with a life coach? Who can benefit most from the inner work a life coach will allow you the space to explore. Were Addicted Can You Help us Coach? Addictions are hard to beat alone and us coaches are trained to help you. Life Coaches often work with clients experiencing addictions such as Smoking … [Read more...]

Success Is the Best Marketing for Consulting

When it comes to marketing for consulting, the proof is in the pudding. I’m pretty sure that that means: if you aren’t producing good results, don’t waste my time. So here are three iron-clad ways to market your consulting in a way that will establish you as a real pro and bring you paying customers, too. First, You Make a Million Dollars There is an old Steve Marten routine, where he mimics an infomercial announcer promising to show you how to make a million dollars, tax-free. Steve’s first … [Read more...]

The Three Components of Leadership Development Coaching

As the name might suggest, there are three main components of leadership development coaching. If you are in the leadership coaching field or thinking of entering this dynamic field, you need to fully understand these three components and fully integrate them into your practice. What are the three components of leadership development coaching, you ask? It’s as easy as one, two, and three - 1)leadership. 2) development, and 3) coaching. The Three Components of Leadership Coaching … [Read more...]

Become Financially Healthy by Becoming a Financial Health Coach

With the economy in the toilet and the market for jobs improving far too slowly, you might want to consider becoming a financial health coach. Financial health coaches are often financially healthy. Why? Because you can make damn good money offering financial assistance to others. What Does a Financial Health Coach Do? As a financial health coach, your principle function is to assess and coach others to financial health. That’s your raison d’etre. What is Financial Health? Financial … [Read more...]

Master Coaches Practice Creating Clarity

Coaches Practice many models, techniques and strategies with their clients. Creating clarity is the most valuable in my opinion. I coach my clients to define their focus and concentrate their power to create ultimate clarity. Your client will come to each session with beliefs and experiences of the world that determine their perception of what is possible for them. Coaches Practice Clarity by Asking Powerful Questions Creating a secure list of powerful questions to add to your daily coaches … [Read more...]