Master Coaches Practice Creating Clarity

Coaches Practice many models, techniques and strategies with their clients. Creating clarity is the most valuable in my opinion. I coach my clients to define their focus and concentrate their power to create ultimate clarity. Your client will come to each session with beliefs and experiences of the world that determine their perception of what is possible for them. Coaches Practice Clarity by Asking Powerful Questions Creating a secure list of powerful questions to add to your daily coaches … [Read more...]

The Craziest ways Coaches Practice Their Skills

Coaches practice their skills as a life coach all day everyday. How awesome is it that coaches get to practice becoming an expert simply by living life? It’s not always awesome, sometimes it’s really challenging. It’s easy to feel like a total hypocrite when you are coaching your clients to control their anger and set goals toward their best life, while you lay on the coach eating cake and screaming at your husband or wife. The truth is you are human, expert or not, being a life coach … [Read more...]