9 Reasons You Need a Financial Health Coach

You're doing fine with money, you have no significant debt, a decent salary, and you know what a stock is – so why would you need a financial health coach? What is a Financial Health Coach? First of all, let's say what a financial health coach is not. They are not financial planners, CPAs, tax specialists, or stock brokers. What do they do? They provide information, direction, and guidance about various financial matters. They help clients find a healthier financial future, and by doing … [Read more...]

Become Financially Healthy by Becoming a Financial Health Coach

With the economy in the toilet and the market for jobs improving far too slowly, you might want to consider becoming a financial health coach. Financial health coaches are often financially healthy. Why? Because you can make damn good money offering financial assistance to others. What Does a Financial Health Coach Do? As a financial health coach, your principle function is to assess and coach others to financial health. That’s your raison d’etre. What is Financial Health? Financial … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Become a Financial Health Coach

If you are thinking of a career in coaching, you should consider becoming a financial health coach. Mentoring people on personal finances is one of the most lucrative and dynamic segments of the coaching industry. Many people are saying, “retirement, what retirement?” The economic news has been so bad for so long, it’s difficult for people to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That is where you, the financial health coach, comes in. You can help people make wise choices … [Read more...]