The Three Components of Leadership Development Coaching

As the name might suggest, there are three main components of leadership development coaching. If you are in the leadership coaching field or thinking of entering this dynamic field, you need to fully understand these three components and fully integrate them into your practice.

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

What are the three components of leadership development coaching, you ask? It’s as easy as one, two, and three – 1)leadership. 2) development, and 3) coaching.

The Three Components of Leadership Coaching Explained

Leadership. Leadership is the ability to create a plan or a vision and encourage others to commit to and believe in that plan or vision and invest their energy and creativity to working on the plan and fulfilling that vision. As a coach, can you teach others how to do this? Do you have the skills necessary to train managers, CEO, executives, and others to be leaders? You need to possess your own leadership qualities and develop them to their fullest in order to guide others to discover their own leadership qualities.

Development. Leadership is a combination of skills and qualities that can be developed and perfected through training, practice, and experience. As a coach, you must be able to teach self-awareness to clients and encourage them to learn and develop skills that will make them leaders. Can you do this? To coach leadership, you must be a leader. Are you a leader? If not, you should go back to school and take some courses on leadership development before you can step into the ring as a leadership development coach.

Coaching. The last component is coaching. If you are already a coach, you probably have a rough definition of coaching. Coaching is basically guided training, learning, and practice. It is a process during which a coach helps a client learn, explore, and challenge new and existing skills. It is also a process during which the coach helps the client unlearn detrimental activities and learn positive ones that will encourage the “inner” leader to emerge.

Leadership Coaching is a Dynamic Field

Leadership skills and competencies are changing as the business world changes, and coaches will be an essential part of that changing landscape. Get in the game and start making a name for yourself as a leadership coach- the field is exploding!

What is driving this change? Globalization, the accelerated advancement of information technologies, the changing nature of employee needs, and the push for new and flexible business models are all critical forces altering the modern business landscape. CEOs, executive, managers, and business owners need to keep their leadership skills sharp and up to date – this is where you, the leadership development coach comes in. Your services will be needed by people and companies with cash to spend and, sometimes, desperation in the eyes. Desperate people with money? Hmm. Sounds like a coach with the right skills, training, and certifications can get a piece of a very large and profitable pie.

Want to train the leaders of tomorrow? Learn the three components of leadership development coaching and fully integrate them into your practice and leaders will come running to you.

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