How to Become a Dating Coach Everyone Wants to Hire

How to become a dating coach everyone wants to hire? That’s the question. With so many people unsure of the best way to find their soul mate, or just a good date, there are plenty of potential clients. However, if your question is how to become a dating coach, or rather, a successful dating coach, you better think about ways to become the best damn dating coach you can be!

5 Answers to the Question – How to Become a Dating Coach Everyone Wants to Hire?

Help someone for free. Giving away free services, perhaps to family or friends, or as a promotional introduction to your service, is a great way to promote your practice. Do a good job for someone and they will extol your benefits to everyone they see. Sometimes, giving away your services for free is the best form of advertising.

Learn how to give criticism. As long as your focus isn’t on the negative, criticism is an important component of any type of coaching. It is important to deliver the truth, whether your clients wants to hear it or not. However, the truth must be delivered without hurting their feelings. It is not easy to do, but it is essential to your coaching success and your clients’ dating success.

Identify and consider creative ways for your clients to meet and greet prospective dates. Create questionnaires that can be used to identify personality traits which can then help determine what your client enjoys. Next, do some research on date places that may match your clients personality and likes. Suggest these to your clients and discuss and analyze the potential of each place. A visit or test run may also be recommended. Be creative, fun, and step outside the box. If you do it, your client may be creative, fun, and consider stepping outside the box on a date.

Learn how to teach writing. The dating world has gone online and it is vital that your client writes a informative, entertaining, and engaging profile for various dating sites. You need to be able to help your client write a compelling, convincing, yet honest profile that will help draw potential dates. You should also be able to teach your client good ways to respond to inquiries or other profiles. Good writing skills are a part of the modern-day dating scene and if you are thinking of becoming a dating coach everyone wants to hire, you need to understand good writing and be able to teach it to your clients. For everyone out there, answering the question, “How to become dating coaches”, is easy but it takes work, especially with your writing skills.

Remember that you are a dating coach, not a counselor or psychiatrist. If your client wants help with the dating world because they are busy or lack the knowledge or experience with dating, you are there to offer your services. However, if your client has a host of personal issues that effects their dating life, you may want to refer them to a good counselor or psychiatrist. Those are the types of clients for which you lack the expertise and who may hinder your success.

There you go – five ways to answer the question, How to become a dating coach everyone wants to hire?” By using the five steps, you can make a name for yourself, make your clients happy by helping them find happiness in the dating world, and you’ll soon be that dating coach everyone is talking about and everyone wants to hire. How to become a dating coach everyone wants to hire is as simple as 1,2,3,4, and 5!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. says

    Thanks for very interesting tips!
    I agree that it is very important to offer free help. For me it is the best and the most poweful way to promote myself.

  2. says

    As a dating coach myself, you have given some excellent advice here about this subject. I will add that you quite rightly draw attention to the writing issue. All too often, people write things on their online profile that a real turn off for people who have come for a visit. And since you write about online dating, I will also mention that when someone receives a message through the website communication system from an interested party who has taken the trouble to write something, the least one can do is to answer even if it is to say, sorry, you are not my type….. Unfortunately, the ladies are guilty of this lack of response more often then they should… 🙁

  3. says

    Would you call Will Smith in the movie “Hitch” a Dating coach? Maybe not. Funny movie though!

    I didn’t realize how many different things a dating coach would do to help someone Fred. It sounds very involved. I’m glad my dating days are over:-)

    Regards from Julieanne

  4. Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D. says

    I agree and would also suggest a good marketing campaign with strategic alliances with Matchmakers, Churches, singles organizations and hair dressers (because everyone talks about their love life with them!).

    Also, as a dating coach for successful singles, I offer free introductory groups through so that people can “sample my wares.”

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