Career Coaching Fees – Working the Numbers

Career coaching fees vary from coach to coach and from location to location. Fees are also dependent on specialty or niche, experience, background, and training. As would be expected, coaches with more experience can charge more than beginning coaches. Career coaching fees generally range from around $75 to $250 per hour. Because the coaching industry lacks concrete standards for fees, it's almost like being blindfolded and throwing a dart at a dartboard. New coaches need to set their … [Read more...]

Earning Top Career Coaching Fees

Simply put your career coaching fees depend entirely on the career coaching you deliver. Here are three coaching models that can take you from ramen noodles to filet mignon. As always your income is driven by the results that you deliver for your client. Understand your client, their dreams, desires and talents. Then be an active agent in their achieving them, and you will be dinning on the best, and have superstars lining up to be your clients! When Is Being a Career Coach Like Being a High … [Read more...]