Life Coach Tips: Find The Best Coaches Training

Here are some life coach tips that will save you years of pain and frustration. Every coaches training company will tell you that they are the best. With the popularity of life coaching these days, more and more training companies are springing up. The tips I’m about to share with you will help you find the best training and quickly start to enjoy your life as a coach. How do I Know Who Offers The Best Life Coach Training? Finding the best life coaches training is easy, once you know what to … [Read more...]

Personal Development Coach? Do This For Client Success

As a personal development coach, you have a lot of ground to cover with your clients. Personal development coaching and personal growth coaching are umbrella terms. Because of that clients can come to you for help in taking action on anything from health challenges to relationships to planning for business development and growth. Whatever the specific focus of any given client, as a personal development coach your first and most important task is getting your client into a consistently empowered … [Read more...]

Here’s a Life Coaching Business Plan: Take Your Own Medicine

I've got a great life coaching business plan for you: Take your own medicine, Coaches! You know, walk your talk. As a great coach, you know that when you mentor someone, you can change their life. • A great teacher changes a student's education plan. • A great coach changes a player's game plan. • A great parent changes a child's life plan. What's really funny... as a coach, you don't take your own medicine. I don't mean … [Read more...]

Life Coach Marketing: How To Blog Without Inspiration

Life coach marketing has to continue whether or not you are feeling inspired, if you want your business to succeed. Do you write and publish a blog as part of your online marketing plan? If you do, you probably know that posting every day is most effective in building your tribe and your presence in the search engines. It's certainly easiest to write articles when you are feeling inspired, but if you are writing 5-7 blogs a week it can be a challenge to find that inspiration. So what can you do … [Read more...]

Career Coaching Offers Great Opportunities in Today’s Economy

Career Coaching can help to defuse the “turnover time bomb” that exists in many companies today. According to the May 2010 issue of the Harvard Business Review, 25% of top employees intend to change companies as the economy improves. This turnover will cost companies millions of dollars in hard cash. Reducing turnover through effective coaching can mean great opportunities for coaches working in this area. How Career Coaching Can Reduce Turnover Employees, who are being career coached, have … [Read more...]

Coaching Strategy To Use When You’re In Over your Head

Have you ever had a coaching session where you felt that your coaching strategy was inadequate to deal with your client's problem? It probably happens to every coach sometime in his early days of coaching. Maybe your client has an addiction problem, or maybe she is depressed over a marriage that is falling apart. Whatever the specifics, you are suddenly confronted with a client whose problem feels way out of your comfort zone. How do you manage? What strategy do you use? Manage Your Own … [Read more...]

Life Coach Career Outlook: 3 Fixes to Start Right

How do you know what your life coach career outlook will be? Do you watch the economy like a hawk to see if people will purchase your coaching? What about your prospects? Do you hang on their every decision? Perhaps you wonder what your current clients will decide to do tomorrow? Will they re-up for another month? The fact is that most of the things that life coaches think about, worry about, and stay up late thinking about, do not have any bearing on your life coach career outlook. Most … [Read more...]

Pain And Pleasure as a Coaching Strategy

There is really only one coaching strategy that works to motivate clients to change. That strategy is the use of pain and pleasure. Now hang on. Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not talking about whips and chains here. I'm talking about psychology and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Why Pain And Pleasure? Psychology tells us that the only reasons people change in any significant way are to avoid pain and to seek pleasure. In NLP terms, you will hear the motivations described as moving away … [Read more...]

How to Get Coaching Clients: Stop Chasing Clients

Let me show you how to get coaching clients to beg you to coach them. If you’re tired of chasing coaching clients, this article will show you how to avoid the biggest mistake coaches make when trying to get a client to hire them. You Can Get Clients to Chase You One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches make is chasing a client in hopes that this will get them to eventually breakdown and hire them. When you chase a client, you look like a desperate coach. No one wants to hire a desperate coach. … [Read more...]

3 Saboteurs To Overcome As A Life Success Coach

As a life success coach, you take your client through a series of steps on the way to reaching his goals. No matter what your particular process is, most likely you work with your client to develop a strategy and action steps. Then, of course, your client has to take those steps in order to have the success he wants in his life or work. So why is it that so often he doesn't take the actions? What gets in his way? Sabotage From The Outside Every one of us faces all kinds of external saboteurs. … [Read more...]