What’s the Average Salary for a Life Coach

How to Plan Your Life Coaching Fees: 3 Levels [VIDEO]

How do you Plan Your Life Coaching Fees? If you’re starting out? If you’re experienced and growing? or if you’ve been coaching for decades? A new coach just asked me about what fees he should charge. In ten minutes, we totally broke it down to a SYSTEM that allowed him to get totally confident and comfortable with the EXACT FEE he should charge. It was such a groundbreaking conversation for him, that I decided to share it with you in this video: Here's the FULL … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Your Life Coaching Fee is Too Low

What type of life coaching fee do you charge? Are your life coaching fees too high...or too low? If you are like many life coaches, your coaching fees are probably too low. 3 Ways Coaches Charge For Their Services There are three main ways that coaches charge for their services. They are: By the session ($100 per hour, etc.) By the month ($500 per month for x number of sessions) By the package (3 or 6 month packages for a specified fee – usually with a discount built it) Many … [Read more...]

Raising Your Life Coaching Fees In A ‘Down’ Economy

Your life coaching fees are dependent on how much value you provide to others.  How much would you pay to increase your income from 10K to 40K per month?  To save your marriage?  To be able to provide a college education for your children?  Everyone has something they really want in life.  When you provide that to others, your coaching and services are priceless.  But how do you get people to pay your fees? 3 Tips To Protecting Your Life Coaching Fees. 1. Protect yourself from competition.  … [Read more...]

The 3 Myths That Hurt Your Life Coaching Fees

Your life coaching fees are not dependent on your experience, your past outcomes or your market. What really determines your coaching fees is the extent to which your clients see you as the only way to get what they want. If their life is on the line, and you have the answer, they will do whatever it takes to get it. That’s one of the reasons creating a niche is so important when setting up your life coach business. But choosing a niche is not enough. The 3 Niche Myths That Harm Your Life … [Read more...]