Coaching Certification Was Like Surviving A Tornado

Coaching certification turned my life up side down. It was like surviving a tornado. Being coachable is the number one reason why I’ve been able to succeed. To get certified, you need to be fully committed to spend 15 hours a week with your feet to the grind grudging through your written assignments and peer coaching sessions. You’ll go through a real psychological upheaval for the better.

Once you come out on the other side of the certification tornado, you have the keys to motivation, communication, and influence to get you and anyone you coach to reach for the stars.

8 week Coaching Certification Program.

I was certified as an accountability coach with JTS Advisors last May. I was immediately thrown into the coaching ring to coach 5 other coaches. What makes it challenging and rewarding when you’re coaching other coaches is you get immediate feedback. The JTS certification program has high standards for ensuring you continue to improve on a weekly basis.

I was scored on:

– Leadership effectiveness – max score10

– Accountability effectiveness – max score 10

– Coachability – max score 5

– Value – max score 5

I was the top performer in coaching scores for the May coaching certification program because I was coachable. My goal was to live, breathe, and sweat coaching for the 2 months it takes to get certified. The reason I was able to lead the group in coaching scores was because of my strong desire to become a coach who gets 5-star results with my business coaching clients. Winning this award among a group of highly motivated coaches wasn’t a cakewalk at all.

Becoming A Coach With JTS Advisors.

After receiving my coaching certification from JTS Advisors, I set my next goal. I wanted to become a JTS coach, so I needed to get through another grueling coaching challenge. I had to coach the JTS head coaches and get 5 max scores. I did it in 5 weeks by paying close attention to feedback and applying what I learned each week in the next coaching session. Now I’m a certified accountability coach on the JTS team.

Personal Change.

The weekly assignments during the certification program caused me to face my own fears, integrity, and commitments. I dug into my weaknesses, cleaned up my relationships, and took care of my personal loose ends. To be affective in holding other’s accountable for their commitments, you need to handle things in your life because as a coach you must be an example of integrity for your clients. Your clients know when you’re being authentic or not.

Growing as a coach isn’t over for me. Accountability coaching certification is just the beginning. I continue to strap on more of the coaching persona every week while coaching my clients and through being an active member of the JTS coaching community.

Next month, I will be in the JTS Master Coach University program taking the strategy coaching track. My certification goal this year is to be bi-certified in accountability and strategy coaching so I’m able to deliver the maximum value possible I can for my business coaching clients.

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Donald R. Hunter, MBA, Certified Financial Planner
JTS Certified Accountability Coach

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    Yes getting your life coaching certification can be hard. It is worth it though cause if you are really into helping people it is very rewarding. I always look for new and interesting ways to help coach people to me it is a never ending learning experience.

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    yup, no doubt, there are more ways to help someone than there are stars in the sky. I have a few tools that work the best for almost all of my coaching sessions, but it’s always good to know even more.

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