A Coach Disciplines Us Because Of Infantile Behaviors

A coach disciplines us because often times we’re just big whiny cry babies. We cry and kick and scream because we don’t get what we want when we want it. I understand why tiny infants burst into tears because they don’t get what they want and they’re not able to take care of themselves, but I don’t accept it when a fully grown adult coaching client sucks their thumb and stomps their feet about not having what they want in life.

As a grown-up life coach, you’ve got to wean yourself off of this infantile behavior too so you can help your coaching clients be discipline and get what they want in life. You make child like excuses why you don’t follow through on your commitments and you say it’s because you don’t have the time. Well truth be told, time is never the real problem.

A coach disciplines us in our focus.

The 80/20 rules says that by focusing on 20% of whatever it is you’re doing, you get the same result as you would have if you had focused on the other 80%. For example, in your coaching practice, 20% of your best ideas which you focus on can produce 80% of your income. You’ve got to be discipline to uncover the 20% of the things that give you what you want.

For instance, are you discipline around being task oriented or revenue oriented? If you want to be revenue oriented, then you must focus on the things that give you the highest level of revenue verses simply getting a few tasks done.

Eliminate the enemies of productivity.

To stay emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually focused to best support your coaching clients and running your coaching business you must

Eliminate the following time threats so you’re discipline:

A coach disciplines us when it comes to friction in our day:

1 . You have friction when you allow a mental or psychological center of attention that keeps you focused on the lack of money when you desire wealth and success. Or you set yourself up where you don’t have enough money so money becomes your focus.

2 . You have personal or professional relationship friction that drains your energy and time. You should be sure this relationship is worth your focus and attention.

3 . You can’t restrain yourself from answering the phone or responding to an email when you’re in the middle of a creative moment or making sales calls. This kind of friction may be surprising, but multitasking lowers your IQ even more than smoking potent marijuana.

4 . Things that are fun take away your focus. For example, talking with a friend or relative on the phone during business hours.

Friction reducing coaching solutions:

1 . Schedule blocks of time in your calendar for specific, priority tasks. The smallest block of time should be a half day.
2 . Pie chart out how you currently spend your time in your coaching practice and then create your ideal chart.

3 . Step in to leadership. More leadership means more time. The reason you don’t have time is a lack of leadership. Influence others to do the things that take you off your game.

A coach disciplines us to help us get what we say we want by helping us eliminate friction from our day. When you identify and deal with friction like an adult, you can expect to increase your productivity dramatically. Then you’ll grow-up and get what you truly desire in life.

Give this strategy a try and see for yourself that it works. If you liked this coaching tip, leave a comment or use the handy bookmark buttons below to share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Thanks!

Donald R. Hunter, MBA, Certified Financial Planner
JTS Certified Accountability Coach

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