Your Life Coaching Business: Is It Worth The Effort?

There are times when all of us in the life coaching business wonder, “Is all this work worth it?”  At times it all seems pointless to work so hard, for so little return.  Have you ever added all the hours you’ve worked by the amount of money you’ve made and thought you would do better at a fast food restaurant?  Does the uncertainty in your business cause stress in your life?  Should coaching be your hobby instead of your vocation?   What Certainty Is There In Your Life Coaching … [Read more...]

Health Coaching Champions: What is Possible?

What can health coaching accomplish?  If Frank from the movie, “May I Be Frank” is any type of example, the sky is the limit.  What he did is outlined in his blog , but from a coaching perspective what did he do to change in health in 42 days? 5 Keys to Health Coaching Success 1.  He had a strong reason why he wanted to change.  He wanted to fall in love one more time before he died, but didn’t believe anyone would fall in love with him the way he was.  In order … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Questions: What Does it Take to Connect?

By the time most people hire a relationship coach, they are at odds with each other.  You might be the last stop before the divorce attorney.  If you have already become a coach who has stepped up to the plate in your own marriage, odds are better that you will be able to make a difference. A Relationship Coach Tale of Two Cities When a couple isn’t connecting, it’s because they are not getting their needs met in the relationship.  For example sometimes both people are trying to get … [Read more...]

Life Success Coaching: Getting Your Clients to Make Better Choices

The secret in life success coaching your clients is to get them to make better choices than they did before you came along.  Unfortunately, many clients try to take action in areas that they do not control which tends to cause frustration or even a bit of depression.  In other words, they know what to do but choose not to do it.  Your clients will use words like “should have” or “ought to have” done something. Life Success Coaching: Your Client’s Often Need a Triggering Event to Get … [Read more...]

The Relationship Coach Magic Potion: A Simple Strategy That Will Transform Lives

There are a lot of relationship coach theories and technologies, but there is one strategy that is so simple that people often won’t do it until they are desperate.  That is, when the relationship is so damaged that their only hope is that you can coach them to success.  And your clients will start seeing results in less than 10 days.  So what do they have to loose? Most People Are In a Relationship for the Wrong Reason That’s right.  Most people are in a relationship for the wrong reason.  … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaching: It Starts With You

The best way to learn leadership coaching skills is to get on the court.  You will learn at a much deeper level when you apply coaching techniques to your own life and goals, and we all know that in leadership, it requires someone to volunteer to go first.  The first step in change is deciding what you need to do to change.  Decide what it is going to take to believe that you must change, and that the time is now.  Once you are there, you’re only a few steps toward transformation. Five Steps to … [Read more...]

Sales Training Coaching Gems: The 3 Master Steps to Cold Calling

Sales training coaching is in demand, especially in markets that have been hit hard such as real estate. Cold calling is up there among most people’s greatest fears. With a good script, however, it doesn’t have to be. With a little coaching and training, you can help transform call reluctance into sales. Don’t Let Your Sales Training Coaching Clients Pick Up the Phone Without a Script Many people are hesitant to use a script, because they believe it is inauthentic. It’s not, it’s just being … [Read more...]

Six Steps to Master the Inner Game of Business Coaching

Business coaching is more than helping others achieve their goals.  It's about stepping up into leadership.  Until you become a leader you won't get many coaching clients; especially business clients.  How do you become a business coach who walks their walk?   Here are the six steps to your success in business coaching   1. Get clarity on your business goals, including your business coaching goals.  You need absolute clarity.  Enough clarity so you can communicate your goals to … [Read more...]

Success Coaching: Helping Your Clients Grow From Adversity

Helping your clients to grow from adversity is part of mastering success coaching.  Intelligent people do everything possible to minimize the problems they face in life.  As a personal success coach, help your clients get clear that disappointments and adversity are normal and natural parts of life.  It’s been said that the only things inevitable in life are death and taxes.  But in success coaching, experience proves that disappointments are also inevitable.  Growing from adversity is in how … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips: How to Double Your Productivity Overnight

How many of your clients would benefit from coaching tips that will increase their productivity?  There are a lot of tips your clients can easily implement and they’ll start seeing immediate results in their lives.  Most people get results from 20% of their activity, but what are they doing with the other 80% of their time?  Mostly they are overcoming the nuisances of daily life that rob them of their focus; things happen without their awareness. What Coaching Tips Can You Impart Upon Your … [Read more...]