Sales Training Coaching Gems: The 3 Master Steps to Cold Calling

Sales training coaching is in demand, especially in markets that have been hit hard such as real estate. Cold calling is up there among most people’s greatest fears. With a good script, however, it doesn’t have to be. With a little coaching and training, you can help transform call reluctance into sales.

Don’t Let Your Sales Training Coaching Clients Pick Up the Phone Without a Script

Many people are hesitant to use a script, because they believe it is inauthentic. It’s not, it’s just being prepared. Ask my 8 year old daughter whether she wants a script when she calls Girl Scout Cookie customers and she’ll tell you it gives her confidence. I don’t think anyone she called thought she was anything but sweet and genuine.

The Three Steps to Cold Calling Mastery

Take time to create a script for yourself. This is the structure:
1. Identify yourself and your company.
2. Explain briefly why you are calling.
3. Tell them what you want.

During the course of the call you want to find out if they would like to do it. Sounds simple, right?

Your sales training coaching clients might have concerns about establishing rapport, asking about the other persons needs etc. Those are all things that you want to include at some point during the call. It’s key, however, to convey to your prospect that you value their time by getting to the point as soon as possible. You only have about 30 seconds to get people interested anyway. You will have more success if what you want is to give value, not ask for a handout. For example, what you want might be to give a free training to a group of people related to your area of expertise. Don’t forget, cold calling is still a numbers game. But knowing what to say will allow your clients to take rejection with a grain of salt and move on to the next call.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    Hi Jeffrey. There is also a great difference between sales persons in the UK and sales people in the US. The US guys are heralded with an air of authority. It’s a proper job. The UK guys are scowled at and treated with disdain. The UK technique therefore has to be different and requires the creation of demand. It’s difficult to produce the best results for the US style sales training in the UK. In the UK we have to learn to create demand. Nice post.

  2. Jeffrey T. Sooey says

    Very good point. If someone doesn’t appreciate hearing from you then you can’t just call them up! I think ALL salespeople would benefit from the skills to create demand, rather than just chase business. Sometimes you’ve got to go out and hunt for your food, but it’s much easier if you can FARM that food over time.

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