Success Coaching: Helping Your Clients Grow From Adversity

Helping your clients to grow from adversity is part of mastering success coaching.  Intelligent people do everything possible to minimize the problems they face in life.  As a personal success coach, help your clients get clear that disappointments and adversity are normal and natural parts of life.  It’s been said that the only things inevitable in life are death and taxes.  But in success coaching, experience proves that disappointments are also inevitable.  Growing from adversity is in how your client handles adversity.

Success Coaching:  Adversity Is Inevitable For Your Client

No matter how well your personal success coach client is organized, they will experience many disappointments and setbacks over the course of their lives.  The higher and more challenging the goals that you set for your success coaching client, the more disappointments and difficulties they will experience.  Your client cannot grow and reach their full potential except by facing adversity, dealing with it effectively, and learning from it.   Adversity will appear unexpectedly and unwantedly despite of your client’s best efforts.   This is good because without adversity your success coaching client cannot grow into the kind of person that is capable of reaching the goals that are possible for them.

Success Coaching:  Adversity Is What Tests Your Client

Throughout history, great personal success coaches have thought about adversity.  These coaches have concluded that adversity is the test that your success coaching client must pass on the path to accomplishing anything worthwhile.  Every one of your clients will face difficulties every step of the way to success.  The difference between high achievers and low achievers is that high achievers use adversity to become stronger.  Low achievers allow difficulties and adversity to overwhelm them and leave them discouraged.  It is essential that you help your clients learn to that their greatest successes usually come one step beyond their greatest failures and they should never ever quit.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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