Life Success Coaching: Getting Your Clients to Make Better Choices

The secret in life success coaching your clients is to get them to make better choices than they did before you came along.  Unfortunately, many clients try to take action in areas that they do not control which tends to cause frustration or even a bit of depression.  In other words, they know what to do but choose not to do it.  Your clients will use words like “should have” or “ought to have” done something.

Life Success Coaching: Your Client’s Often Need a Triggering Event to Get Started


Your life success coaching client often needs a “triggering event” to remind them what to do on a daily basis.  Each success coaching client will need to define what those steps are for them.  For example, if your coaching client had a desire to earn money to fund their child’s education there would be certain questions that would need to be asked.  Such questions might include when they will need the money, how much money and how much will they have to earn to save enough money?

The key to success in reaching any goal in life is to define what must happen to trigger your coaching client to move forward on a daily basis.  It becomes a domino effect.  If your client does the daily phoning, they make the appointments and develop the clients to earn the money to put away for their child’s education they will make it happen.  If one of the dominoes is out of sync, the entire process falls apart

Life Success Coaching to Make True Commitments


When we link our life success coaching clients choices to their desires we can help them make true commitments they can be counted on to deliver.  A commitment is a promise that your client makes to themselves and others that builds their character and integrity.  Webster defines a commitment as “a pledge to do something in the future or a state of being obligated or emotionally impelled.”  This is powerful because people are counting on your client to follow through when they work with your client.  How can our clients expect others to follow through when they work with them if our client doesn’t follow through on what they say they will do?  Either we teach our life success coaching clients to live with integrity demonstrated by actions or they will live a life of hypocrisy.  There is no middle ground.

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Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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