Is Life Coach Training Online Really Any Good?

Is life coach training online really any good? It can be, but only up to a point. Online training is very powerful. Let’s see how much you can learn through it to become a coach.

What Can You Learn Online?

Almost anything. It is possible to create very sophisticated computer simulations that create a virtual coaching reality. Using such sophisticated simulations, NASA trains astronauts and the Pentagon teaches the military how to make decisions and how to deal with foreign cultures. But what is possible and what passes as online training are two entirely different things. Most online training consists of audio and video presentations that are the equivalent of reading a book or passively watching a lecture. And while that may give you information, it will not teach you the skills or give you the experience that you need to master the art of life coaching.

So How Can You Get Life Coach Training Online?

Just because it cannot do the whole job does not mean that life coach training online can’t be an important part of your total training program. The key thing is to realize that coaching itself is probably the most important part of learning to coach. And just as perfect practice makes perfect, perfect coaching makes perfect. This means that in addition to the theory, you need to observe coaching being done that you can model, and then you need to practice coaching and being coached. In addition, this coaching has to be analyzed and you need to get feedback on your coaching and the coaching of your fellow students. This feedback must also be based on established standards.

What to Look for in an Online Program?

When you are evaluating a life coach training online program, make sure that there is more than just online presentations – no matter how good they may be. Make sure that there is a ton of coaching and being coached, and that this is done to an objective standard. Also, part of the program should be done face to face, even if this means traveling across the country to attend an intensive multiday session that wraps up the program. Finally, check the fruit of the program. Talk to graduates. What did they think, and how successful are they. If all that checks out, you have found a great life coaching program.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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