Coaching Clients Past Objections

I used to be afraid of objections when I first started enrolling coaching clients.

I used to think that objections meant the client didn’t want my coaching…

…or couldn’t afford my coaching…

…or didn’t have time.

But then I realized that unless you discover a client’s objections (or concerns)…

…they aren’t really enrolled.

Think about it.

If your new client has concerns about your coaching program

…and those concerns are never even talked about (much less resolved)…

They might say “yes”…

…but those doubts that you left on the table start to grow in their mind as soon as they hang up the phone with you.

Because once they’ve left their discovery session…

…they’re out of your ‘coaching optimism zone.’

Suddenly they start thinking about how they can get out of coaching…

…then they never pay their fee…

…they don’t respond to your follow-up calls…

…and then they disappear completely.

THE POINT: Address and resolve your new client’s objections and concerns BEFORE you complete that enrollment conversation.

Handle ANYTHING that gets in the way of your client being 100%.

Handle ANYTHING that gets in the way of your client being 100%.”

How do you handle those concerns and objections?

Steps for objection handling

Follow these four steps:

  1. Ask questions.
  2. Give your client space to think.
  3. Explore their concerns together.
  4. Empower your client to be confident about their decision.


Let’s talk about the questions…

You need to ask questions to understand your client and their concerns…

…without judgment or agenda.

When your client shares a concern…

…write it down…

…and then acknowledge the concern briefly (without trying to change their mind)…


Ask what other concerns they have

…until your client runs out of concerns.

Be warned…

this isn’t natural – to listen to multiple concerns from a new client.

Most coaches are more likely to interrupt…


…or problem-solve.

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The process of listening to all your client’s issues is going to take a lot longer than you realize.

It can take 30 minutes or more.

Let them take their time.


Because until your client airs all their concerns…

…and feels fully heard…

…they won’t be open to resolving them.

It’s a trust issue.

When you give your client (or anyone) the experience to share EVERYTHING…and you accept all of it unconditionally…they trust you.”


Then you can work on resolving those issues together.

If you fail to resolve the real reasons why your client isn’t yet 100%…

…then you actually fail your client.

You haven’t really served them in a way that allows them to transform their life.


Because you’re robbing them of the coaching they actually need and want.


If they didn’t want coaching…

…they wouldn’t have agreed to meet with you in the first place…

…or spent an hour or more talking with you.

You must believe that coaching is valuable to your client.

…as valuable as a bottle of cold water to a stranded desert traveler.

Of course the desert traveler wants the bottle of water…

Man reaching for water bottle

…and they would be willing to pay just about anything to save their life.

Your client is just like that stranded desert traveler…

At least when it comes to their career…

…or their finances.

…or their health.

…whatever it is they came to you for.

Your potential clients are hoping that you have the solution they need to save or resolve that part of their life.

They are silently rooting for you to be awesome…

…hoping that you can give them the help they need.

But they will also be afraid…

…so it’s up to you to give them the courage and confidence to know they can succeed.

BE the coach.

These techniques are great for selling anything…

…if done sincerely.

For example…

When my husband and I were making a decision to adopt our son…

…my husband was terrified…

…and we had to make a decision by the next day.

I encouraged him to tell me ALL of his concerns

…I truly wanted to know and understand.

There were 19 objections!

Most of which I had no control over…

…and no way to ease his fears.

But I wrote them down anyway

…One by one…

These concerns included:

  1. He wanted me to quit my job.
  2. He wanted me to get a new car that could carry all 3 kids.
  3. Finances would be tight (of course…because of #1 and #2).

But believe it or not…

…after he was out of objections and felt heard

…he simply said, “OK, let’s do it.”

He was “sold”.

Why do I share that story?

That conversation changed our lives.

I get to live with the results of that “coaching session”… my adopted son!

I got to experience how happy my husband was as I supported him in his decision…

…and he is still happy with his decision 13 years later.

That is the level of caring you need to have for your clients.

Care enough to help them achieve what their heart desires.

Care enough to support them, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Care enough to:

  1. Ask questions.
  2. Give your client space to think.
  3. Explore their concerns together.
  4. Empower your client to be confident about their decision.

When you show up this way for your discovery sessions…

…you give the magic of coaching.

That’s why you’re on this journey in the first place.

Colette “Magic Coaching” Coiner

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