Coaching Techniques to Get Your Clients to Tell You What They Really Want From Their Coaching Session: Life Coach Tips to Help You Get Into Your Clients’ Worlds

Life Coaching Techniques That Help You to Meet Your Clients’ Needs, Especially When they Aren’t Good at Communicating

Today I was asked, “When there is cultural barrier or if clients are shy, what coaching techniques are effective at getting your client to open up and communicate the needs they need meet in their coaching session? What coaching tips to do have to get me past the awkward silence when a client can’t think of anything they want to work on?” The first life coach tips I offered him was to stop buying into these clients’ stories, and then I shared these coaching techniques with him.

Life Coach Tips to Get Into Your Clients’ Heads

Life Coaching Techniques #1: Be sure you’ve gained rapport with your client. Get to know them by asking them about themselves. The most important aspect of these life coach tips is to find something that you really admire about the client. Compliment them, back it up with the reason you admire that quality or achievement, and then ask them to share how they were able achieve that outcome.

Life Coaching Techniques #2: Go back to their goals. The reason this coach was having trouble was that his client didn’t have ambitious goals, their goals would be achieved with or without coaching. So there wasn’t anything to discuss. Make sure your clients have S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, have a Reason, and Time frame to achieve that goal by. Once you know what goals that matter to your clients, you have accessed their emotions. They key to successful coaching is to take people beyond an ordinary conversation and into innermost desires. Without these life coach tips you are not going to be able to move people past their greatest fears and frustrations and toward their greatest aspirations.

Life Coaching Techniques #3: Be the one person who is willing to take a stand for and believe in the possibilities. The most important life coach tips are to not buy into their “stories” and to let them know when they are running their usual pattern. For example, someone who comes up with goals that are not ambitious and doesn’t have any idea about what they want to work on in a coaching session may really be living in fear of loosing certainty or significance. They may lack confidence in their own abilities, not want to loose face in front of their peers, or just fear making any move into the “unknown.” Let your client know what they are doing, help them see what it is costing them, and provide an empowering alternative.

Implement These Life Coach Tips to Make a Difference in Your Clients’ Lives

With these three coaching techniques you will be able to crack the toughest nut open, and start making a difference in that person’s life. As you use these life coach tips, make sure you remember that you are the leader. You set the pace and it is your job as their coach to find out how to get the results they really want.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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