When Not To Use Coaching Techniques On Your Clients

There are some times when it’s disastrous to use life coaching techniques on your clients. While it sounds a bit unlikely, coaching techniques can backfire and wreck havoc on your life and the lives of others. Don’t let this happen to you.

When Using Life Coaching Techniques Can Get You Into Trouble

1. When you are using coaching techniques without consent from the person you are trying to coach. This is often seen as manipulative, and if you use it within the context of a complimentary session you will lose the client. This also goes for the client who is termed, “un-coachable.” Get them to be in a place where they are coachable first so your coaching techniques will make a difference in their lives.
2. Before they commit to coaching. Before your client is truly enrolled, the relationship at best is tenuous. People know they might be asked to purchase services, so they start with their arms crossed. Be flexible with these people when it comes to navigating around their obstacles; including setting up the most convenient time for them to do a free-session with you. Not the other way around.
3. When you are not in the right state of mind. If you need anything from your client, whether it’s coaching fees, a pat on the back, or closure regarding one of your own issues, stop. Get yourself in the right state of mind to be there for your client 100% and leave your baggage at the door.
4. If they have just had a major catastrophe in their life. While we want to teach our clients to be unstoppable, there is a time and place for accountability. Make sure you check in with your clients at the beginning of the session for updates. You want to step into their world before you start coaching them so you can coach them from where they are, not where you think they should be.

A Final Warning

You will attract clients who are like you, and with that you will get clients who have similar challenges to you. Make sure you acknowledge this so you don’t use your coaching techniques on others to solve your own issues. In order to help your clients grow, you need to put yourself into environment that will ensure you continue to grow.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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