How to Develop a Successful Coaching Mindset

As a coach, the extent to which you can make a positive impact on others’ lives is contingent upon two factors – firstly, your skill and your coaching mindset and secondly, your effectiveness as a coach. The purpose of this article is to focus on the coach’s mindset.

There are enormously successful coaches and coaches who are barely able to eke out a living from coaching. The difference between these extremes is not their coaching competency, but rather their coaching mindset

So, what mindset does it take to be a successful coach?

A Coaching Mindset Sets You on the Path to Success

Having the right coaching mindset is critical for effective coaching. It provides greater knowledge of key coaching skills and encourages opportunities for personal reflection on current practice to enable growth. When you have a coaching mindset, you will expand your knowledge and understanding of coaching and facilitate an improved awareness of your relationship with your coachees. Here are some of the fundamentals that will get you into the mindset of coaching. They will help you become a better coach, maximize your coaching efficiency, and increase coachee engagement.

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Asking Questions

The fundamental difference between a coach and a mentor, a consultant or a therapist is that coaches ask the critical questions to help individuals achieve inner clarity and find their own truth. Instead of conveying their personal opinions, knowledge or wisdom, coaches are facilitators who strive to get clients to improve performance.

Active Listening

Active listening is a fundamental coaching skill that helps coaches be better communicators and leads their coachees to coming up with solutions to their problems. Coaches use active listening skills by paraphrasing what they heard their coachees say. They repeat the essence of the message spoken by the coachee using their own words and adding in any unspoken emotion they perceive. Active listening does not only lead to rewarding conversations and true engagement but also has the potential to create positive emotions.

Maximizing the Coachee’s Potential

Coaches understand that it’s all about their coachee’s and not their personal journey of success and accomplishment. The focus is on the coachee’s insights, ideas, journey, and accomplishment. Coaches provide the environment that brings out the intellect, brilliance, awesome problem-solving ability, and creativity of their coachees.

Challenging the Coachee for Higher Goals

The coaching mindset is all about using powerful new strategies and skills that support another human being in reaching his or her highest potential. An effective coach leader is one who will challenge his or her coaches to break away from the norm, to be creative, to use their imagination, to initiate something new, and to act in new ways. 

Having a Growth Mindset

Coaches are in the business of helping people reach their potential and goals, therefore they can’t ignore their own development. One of the fastest ways to improve your coaching skills is to simply possess a growth mindset. A growth mindset – a belief coined by Dr Carol Dweck in her best seller book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – is a perspective that your skills and talents can be improved over time. There are many ways you can grow your coaching skills: keeping your skills up-to-date, watching TED Talks, learning something new every day, the list goes on. By having a growth mindset, you can expand your coachee’s current capabilities and discover how far they can go.

Once you embrace the coaching mindset, you’ll realise that coaching provides you with a much greater opportunity to assist your clients and build a successful coaching business.

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