5 Coaching Business Mindset Mistakes

Have you ever wondered how you can make a huge difference in your clients’ lives…

…yet can’t develop a thriving coaching business of your own?

Many good coaches struggle with this.

Even though they have an amazing mindset when it comes to coaching

…they haven’t developed a business mindset.

These mindsets are a world apart.

Even the most awesome coaching mindset isn’t a substitute for an effective business mindset.

It’s easy to assume that the coaching mindset is a cure-all

…based on the powerful way it improves so many lives.

The problem is that if you don’t have a well developed coaching business mindset

  • You won’t have a well developed coaching business.
  • You won’t have clients who want your help.
  • You won’t make a difference for them.

You end up broke with no clients…

…or working in another job just to pay the bills.

I struggled to develop my coaching business mindset too.

I used to wonder what was wrong with me…

…how I was able to help so many clients make money…

…yet still struggled with coaching business basics.

And when things were hard…

…I would cry to my coach

…and blame my lack of results on the economy

…or my busy schedule.

Then I realized that the problem wasn’t what I was doing.

The problem was my mindset.

Mindset Mistakes

I was using the same mindset that helped me successfully coach hundreds of clients…

…but it wasn’t the mindset I needed to develop my coaching business.

I was making critical mindset mistakes that were costing me time and money.

Over the next few years I slowly discovered each of my mistakes and corrected them.

As a result of now helping tons of coaches with their own mindsets…

I’ve found that most coaching business mindset mistakes can be boiled down to five:

1. “Resting equals lazy.”

If you can’t stop, won’t rest, or don’t give yourself space, it will be impossible to create a successful coaching business.

Some “always hard worker” types starve themselves of:

  • strategic thinking
  • creative inspiration
  • authentic enthusiasm

2. “It’s too hard.”

It’s easy to whine and say, “This is too hard!”

But ‘too hard’ is just a thought.

How do you feel when you think that something is ‘too hard’?


Probably not.

If you’re going to build the coaching practice you want, it’s going to require changes.”

If you’re going to build the coaching practice you want, it’s going to require changes.

Change isn’t supposed to be easy.

Your brain wants to find the easy way.

The safe way.

Your brain doesn’t want to do something different.

Don’t let yourself off the hook with this mindset mistake.

3. “I don’t have what it takes.”

Not feeling worthy or good enough is one of the most common limiting beliefs of all time.

If you want to create something you’ve never created before, you have to believe in yourself.

4. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Some coaches use this as an excuse for inaction in their business.

Don’t use ignorance as your excuse to blow off your business activity.

Do it even when you don’t quite know what you’re doing.

Also, you CAN and MUST learn new specialized skills to make your business successful.

Get educated!

Some coaches feel the need to outsource business responsibilities in their areas of ignorance.

That’s fine, but don’t expect outsourcing to solve all your problems, or make your business effortless.

That’s not how business works. Delegation is fine, but abdication is a killer.

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5. “I’m not ready.”

You can’t wait until you feel like you’re ready.

There is never going to be a better time to act.

When you say “I’m not ready.” you’re identifying something out of your comfort zone.

There is no ‘ready’… just a desire for comfort.

If you want to create something you’ve never created before, you have to believe in yourself.

What’s typical for people when they find they made a mistake is to make themselves wrong…

…Or feel unworthy…

…Or guilty…

Don’t do that to yourself.

If you find you’re beating yourself up about a mistake (including one of these mindset mistakes)…

...stop it.




Think about it –

What mistake are you currently wrestling with?

Once you’re aware of that mistake.

…you can do something about it.


Colette “Mindful of my Mistakes” Coiner


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