Coaching Business Tips to Strengthen Your Mindset

It’s easy to daydream about working part-time as a coach…

…making 6 figures…

…working from the beach…

…and looking good doing it.

BUT the coaches with dream businesses have one thing in common…

…strong coaching business mindset “muscles”.

Body builder

What are these muscles?

Endurance Muscles: Persevering When You’re Tired

Just like running a marathon, building a coaching business takes time… often longer than you think.

You need to develop endurance muscles so you don’t end up quitting before you hit the finish line.

Resting and recovery are essential for endurance.

Just like you can overtrain and get injured if you do too much, too soon…

…you can suffer from burnout if you don’t rest while building a coaching business.

Power Muscles: Doing Hard Things

Think about a powerlifter or sprinter:

They accomplish enormous feats of strength and speed… beyond what you’d expect.

These power muscles allow you to accomplish high intensity feats, like:

  • Meeting tight deadlines and brand new challenges
  • doing hard things

WARNING: Power muscles exert a lot of effort, but require you to rest afterward until you have fully recovered.

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Brain Muscle: Learning New Skills

There are two critical types of ‘brain muscle’:

  • The willingness to learn (and the belief that you can learn) new skills.
  • The ability to learn by doing… (i.e. taking action before you have all the answers).

Some coaches shrink from opportunities to learn by doing.

Even though you might read countless books about your business, your Brain Muscle won’t be very strong until you’re actually on the court.

Learning through actual experience is crucial to building your coaching business brain muscle.

Courage Muscle: Action in The Face of Fear

The grown-up word for fear is ‘stress’.

Weakness in this mindset muscle usually sounds like saying that you’re not ready.

You will face fears anytime you do something you’ve never done before. It’s your brain’s natural defense to keep you safe.”

You will face fears anytime you do something you’ve never done before. It’s your brain’s natural defense to keep you safe.

Building this muscle allows you to take action in the face of your fears.

Heart Muscle: The ‘X’ Factor

Heart is an elusive mindset muscle.

It’s hard to define, but you and your clients will know when it’s there…

…and it’s especially obvious when heart is ‘missing’.

Heart is the power behind the other mindset muscles.

There are several aspects of heart you might work on:

  • Passion, Enthusiasm, and Inspiration are essential to attracting clients and building an audience.
  • Caring and Connection are needed to go deep with your clients.
  • Self-Confidence allows you to act as if you are equipped to create the coaching business you want… even before you have it.

What do you need to get these coaching mindset muscles in shape?

When you first work out…

…it feels like you don’t have any muscles at all.

Let’s say you’re trying to do a pull-up…

and you can’t do one…

Does that mean you could NEVER do a pull-up?

No, of course not.

You know that logically.

But that’s not the way you’ll FEEL at that moment of failure.

Failing to do that pull-up triggers the belief that it’s impossible.

That liming belief is automatic (and pretty typical).

We make temporary failures…


And end up acting as if progress is impossible.

What’s the difference between someone who can do a pull-up…

…and someone who can’t?




You can’t wake up one morning and run a marathon…

…you must develop your business building muscles over time.

But you won’t spend time training if you believe that it’s impossible.

Why bother trying if it’s impossible?

I’ve helped many coaching clients get over their mental blocks so they actually train those muscles.

They transform their physical (or mental) capacity.

And that’s about the time when I hear them say…

…”I’ve built muscles I never knew I had.”

They didn’t even think they had the muscle.

But everyone has the same anatomy.

And they discover the existence of those muscles through that time and training…

…even though they didn’t believe it when they started.

You have the same muscles as an Olympic powerlifter.

And everyone has the same mindset muscles, too.

If you don’t use your brain

…you’ll think you don’t have one.

If you don’t use your power muscle

…you’ll think you’re weak.

If you don’t exercise your courage

…you’ll seem cowardly.

You can’t wake up one morning and run a marathon…

…you must develop your business building muscles over time.”

You ALREADY have the mindset muscles to accomplish anything you want.

All you have to do is exercise them.

What happens when you exercise muscles?

They get stronger.

Maybe you’re not ready to run a marathon…

…or do a pull-up…

…but you can go for a walk…

…or start lifting weights.

Maybe you’re not ready to ask for $1k per month for your coaching…

…or run a webinar…

…but you can get a coaching partner…

…or start practicing your coaching techniques with a friend.

It takes commitment…


…and willingness to experience sore mindset “muscles” as a natural part of building a coaching business.

But, in return, you will develop a confidence in yourself that you never knew was possible.

You will begin to enjoy the workouts…

…and the journey.

You will become UNSTOPPABLE in the face of things that deter most people…

…and you will make a huge impact on everyone your life touches.

Colette “Mastering my Mindset” Coiner

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