Relationship Coaching Certification

Let’s take a serious look at relationship coaching certification – one word at a time. Some certification programs are great, just as some non-certification programs are too. But many relationship coaching certification programs aren’t worth a damn. For now, here are the three components of today’s subject: relationships, coaching and certification. Common Issues in Relationships Let’s start with three different words: communications, sex and money. A pastor named Cole Edwin wrote a … [Read more...]

A School of Coaching That Ignores Profit is No School at All

A good school of coaching should not only teach you how to help your clients reach their dreams, it should also give you the tools necessary to reach your own dreams. Too often schools of coaching focus on providing their students will the knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools needed to successfully coach individuals and help them realize their potential and reach their dreams. However, many schools either offer no training or rudimentary information on starting and maintaining a profitable … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Coaching Competency

Although every coaching relationship will be unique by design, you must develop high enough coaching competency to adapt to what each client needs. In order to be most effective it is important that you treat each individual coaching session with the utmost care. As the possibilities to earn unlimited income increase with each new client gained, it is easy to lose sight of the main reason you decided to become a professional coach.   In order to ensure a lasting impact is made, it is critical … [Read more...]

Become a Paid Life Coach Online Featured on Udemy Now

If you are seeking to become a paid life coach, online training is available for free. Go to Udemy and look for the free course,  Become a Paid Life Coach Online; master coach Jeffrey Sooey has put together an informative and educational online course that can get you started on your way to becoming a life coach. What is Udemy? Udemy is the place to go for online education. Udemy offers real opportunities for people interested in bettering themselves and getting what they want and deserve … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] How To Get Your Clients to do Anything (Even When They Don’t Want to) – Accountability Coaching

Download this video: RIGHT CLICK HERE & SAVE LINK AS… This video teaches you the basics of accountability coaching... the type of coaching that gets your clients to take action. In this video, I cover how to get your coaching clients to do anything, ESPECIALLY the things they don’t want to do (but they know they need to do). There are 3 BIG steps to take a client that’s not following through and turn them into a results machine: 1. Awareness 2. Impact 3. Commitment I … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Types of Coaching

Download this video: RIGHT CLICK HERE & SAVE LINK AS… This video covers the major types of coaching and how they make money. In this video, I cover the 5 types of coaching, how they produce value for your clients, and ultimately WHY you’re going to make money using them. Here are the five types of coaching I talk about in the video: Consultant Guru Friend Strategist Leader … [Read more...]

Do I Become a Life Coach or Not?

Do I become a life coach or not? That is the question you may be asking yourself. Well, here's the answer – you can become a life coach if you want to enter a field that is exciting, rewarding, and potentially lucrative. But, there are a few misconceptions that need to be cleared up before you begin. Asking yourself, “Do I become a life coach?” If so, you may have high expectations of what will happen when you choose to become a life coach. High expectations are good, but they must be … [Read more...]