Do I Become a Life Coach or Not?

Do I become a life coach or not? That is the question you may be asking yourself. Well, here's the answer – you can become a life coach if you want to enter a field that is exciting, rewarding, and potentially lucrative. But, there are a few misconceptions that need to be cleared up before you begin. Asking yourself, “Do I become a life coach?” If so, you may have high expectations of what will happen when you choose to become a life coach. High expectations are good, but they must be … [Read more...]

You Ask, “Do I become a Life Coach?” We Help You Decide

“Do I become a life Coach?” How many times have you pondered this question without knowing how to make the decision on your own? We want to help you decide. Is this your next big move in your professional career. Often times when we are trying to make a big decision we decide to focus on the pros and cons. To help you answer the question “Do I become a life Coach?” I decided to interview a professional coach and ask him about his list of pros and cons. We interview a working life coach to help … [Read more...]