Executive Leadership Coach – Teaching Creativity

An executive leadership coach works with managers and executives to help them enhance and expand their leadership skills. Leadership skills require creativity, but creativity is often buried beneath layers of statistical analysis, organization, numbers, and burdensome objectivity. One of the most important tasks as an executive leadership coach is to help executives learn how to discover their inner creative self and expand their powers of creativity. In Imagine: How Creativity Works, by … [Read more...]

How Do I Become a Coach Who Doesn’t Go Broke?

How do I become a coach who doesn't go broke? This may not be the first question asked when starting out a coaching career, but it is probably in the back of every new coach's mind. Staring a new career can be a daunting task and insecurities often overwhelm people at the beginning of a new career journey. Though coaching is a very rewarding career, insecurities and questions often face individuals looking to become coaches. Though most people get into coaching because they have a passion for … [Read more...]

Management Coaches Needed in a Flat World

Management coaches need to keep up with the times and learn how to coach in a flat world. A flat world, you ask, what is that? A flat world is a metaphor for globalization and the leveling of the international business playing field. The book, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Friedman, analyzes the causes of globalization and what the United States can do to remain competitive. Though there were many critics of Friedman's book, it is evident that some … [Read more...]

How to Become a Personal Coach Includes Marketing!

Need an answer to the question: How to become a personal coach? There is the obvious answers – sign up for a coaching program, earn your coaching certificate, find ways to use your own life experiences in your coaching practice. You cannot become a personal coach without taking these steps, but there is one more step that needs to be taken before you can really call yourself a personal coach. Here is a zen koan for you – If a coach opens a coaching practice and no one is there to see it, is … [Read more...]

How to Become an Online Personal Coach

With today’s technology, it is actually possible to be an online personal coach. In the same way that the telephone eliminated the need for most face to face meetings, online technology can expand your offerings and greatly enhance your personal coaching. This post looks at how to apply today’s technology to coaching and how to avoid mistakes. Managing the Comfort Factor The single biggest issue in online coaching is managing your client’s comfort factor. If you are a good candidate to become … [Read more...]

3 Super Coaching Training Activities

There are thousands of coaching training activities that can be utilized to help expand your coaching expertise, skill, and knowledge. Different activities help with different aspects of coaching and it is important to try many different ones. Whether your coaching practice is broadly defined or you exist in a narrow niche, becoming the best coach you can be requires many different skills and an expansive body of knowledge. 3 Super Coaching Training Activities Here is a selection of three … [Read more...]

3 Ways NOT to Do Online Life Coach Certification

You have heard that there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything, including online life coach certification. Life coaching can be one of the most rewarding areas of coaching, where you can really make a contribution to your clients’ lives, but with a little effort you can spend a lot of time and money and not end up being a very effective coach. Here are three ways to do it wrong. Don’t Look behind the Certification Curtain Coaching is an unregulated profession. There are no licenses. … [Read more...]

Career Coach College – Making the Transition

Pretend that I'm a career coach college and not a writer ( well, some will say that I'm not a writer, but that's a different story or debate). My career coach college has a special class about making the transition from having a career to coaching careers. It's a basic career coach college course – Transition 101 - and if you thinking of becoming a coach, it is a mandatory course in my college. Career Coach College – Transition 101 Getting tired of sitting behind a desk, hiding in a cubicle, … [Read more...]

How do you Become a Full-Fledged Professional in Counseling

The question: how do you become a full-fledged professional in counseling? The answer: hard work, patience, and time. How do you become a full-fledged professional in counseling? You work you butt off, that's how! Counseling, like coaching, is a great field if you truly enjoy helping people. Counseling can be a difficult career as you may deal with people going through severe emotional trauma or people who are trying to escape the relentless pull of addiction. As a counselor, you are in a … [Read more...]

5 Surefire Coaching Techniques for PFTS (Profits)

You can create a prosperous coaching practice by identifying successful coaching techniques for pfts (profits). You coach because you love it, but the only way to stay in business as a coach is to make some money. To earn income, it is essential to start looking for new coaching techniques for PFTS as soon as you hang out your coaching shingle and open you door to clients. If you don't, no one will be coming through that open door! 5 Surefire Coaching Techniques for PFTS (Profits) Here are 5 … [Read more...]