Management Coaches are the New Executive Coaches

What are management coaches? Though I don’t believe there is any set definition for a management coach, it is probably best to describe them as a combination of an executive coach and a leadership coach. An Executive Coach is a Leadership Coach It can effectively be argued that an executive coach is a leadership coach, and it can be said that to be a successful executive coach, you need to coach leadership. So, in essence, an executive coach is a leadership coach. To make it more … [Read more...]

Management Coaches Needed in a Flat World

Management coaches need to keep up with the times and learn how to coach in a flat world. A flat world, you ask, what is that? A flat world is a metaphor for globalization and the leveling of the international business playing field. The book, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Friedman, analyzes the causes of globalization and what the United States can do to remain competitive. Though there were many critics of Friedman's book, it is evident that some … [Read more...]

Management Coaches Make Management Breakthroughs

What is it that management coaches do? The answer is simple. Let’s face it. We all think within the box created by our limiting beliefs or our own limited vision. It is only natural. But what if someone could liberate us from those limiting beliefs and those limited visions? That is the role of the coach. And if you are a coach and if you are dealing with not only your client as an individual, but also your client as a manager, well then we are talking about the role of the management … [Read more...]