Why Do CEOs Not Want to Hire an Executive Leadership Coach?

An executive leadership coach seems like the perfect fit for a CEO – they can offer skills and knowledge to help CEOS reach their leadership and management potential. But CEOS aren’t in the habit of seeking out the services of an executive coach. CEOS Want Coaching But Don’t Look For It A study a few years back by the Stanford Business School found that nearly half of all senior managers aren’t using an executive coach, and that nearly two-thirds of all CEOS don’t receive any executive … [Read more...]

Executive Leadership Coach – Teaching Creativity

An executive leadership coach works with managers and executives to help them enhance and expand their leadership skills. Leadership skills require creativity, but creativity is often buried beneath layers of statistical analysis, organization, numbers, and burdensome objectivity. One of the most important tasks as an executive leadership coach is to help executives learn how to discover their inner creative self and expand their powers of creativity. In Imagine: How Creativity Works, by … [Read more...]

How to Become a Great Executive Leadership Coach

A successful executive leadership coach is the most powerful of all coaches. The reason is obvious. Whether the president of the United States or of large multinational corporation, executives are powerful people backed by the resources of large organizations. When these executives act in their leadership role, they inspire and put into action hundreds, if not thousands, of people; people who are focused on the accomplishment of objectives determined by the executive. And since the executive … [Read more...]