How to Become a Personal Coach?

Before we answer the question “How to become a personal coach?” let’s answer the question “Just what is a personal coach?” Obviously, a personal coach focuses on the needs of the individual client, and addresses the client’s individual priorities and development goals. It can deal with a wide spectrum of issues from personal struggles and achievement, to the client’s ability to be successful in their relationships and careers – but always from the point of view of the client as an … [Read more...]

You are Not Going to Find a List of Accredited Online Life Coaching Courses Here

If you are looking for a list of accredited online life coaching courses, you may be having trouble finding them. This is not because of too little information, it is because of too much information. If you put “list of accredited online life coaching courses” into a search engine, you will obtain very few relevant and useful results. However, plug “ accredited online coaching courses” into the search engine box and you will receive nearly 20 million results. There are thousands of coaching … [Read more...]

How to Become a Counseling Psychologist?

The simplest way to answer the question “how to become a counseling psychologist?” is to answer these three questions: What is psychology? What does it take to qualify to use the title of psychologist? And how do psychologists get involved in counseling? Just What Is Psychology? The word psychology comes from the Greek and it means literally “the study of the mind.” Psychology is based on the scientific method. It is generally considered to include the study of such areas as brain function, … [Read more...]

Become a Counseling or Coaching Superstar

Want to become a counseling superstar with all the trappings of success? Well, if you are in the coaching or counseling biz, or if you are thinking of getting into this dynamic and rewarding career, you will want to read this rest of the article. Becoming a counseling or coaching guru takes hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance. What is a Counseling or Coaching Superstar What do I mean by a counseling or coaching superstar? It doesn't mean that you are famous, your name is known … [Read more...]

Life Coach Training

Life Coach Training, How Much Does It Cost and Are There Fees?

If you are seriously considering becoming a life coach, it is very reasonable to ask: when it comes to life coach training, how much does it cost and are there fees? But while this is a very reasonable question, it should not be your first question. Not your second or even your third. Remember, anyone can offer life coach training, and charge whatever they want. So let’s take a moment and consider three questions to ask before you talk about costs and fees. Ask These Three Questions … [Read more...]

To Become a Personal Coach or Not

To become a personal coach or not, that is the question. Do you want the rewards of helping people achieve their goals and dreams while you achieve personal success? If not, forget the personal coaching gig, it is too rewarding and potentially too profitable. To become a personal coach you need to ask yourself a few questions. Make sure to be honest when you answer or you will only be fooling yourself. To Become a Personal Coach or Not Here are the questions: Do you have a burning … [Read more...]

Self-Help: Become a Counseling Expert or Get Coaching Help?

Professionals often face this common decision – become a counseling  expert for themselves or hire a coach. If you are facing this choice, how about another solution – don't hire a coach, become a coach! Becoming a counseling expert on your own life is important if you want to push yourself to achieve goals. An unexamined life is not worth living, isn't that what Socrates said eons ago? Yes, you can guide yourself, examine your own life, create your own road map through the vicissitudes of … [Read more...]

Personal Coach Certification: Key to Unlock Lives

As you might imagine, personal coach certification focuses on helping an individual achieve their highest purpose and greatest satisfaction. For me it blends and then goes beyond life coaching, career coaching and business coaching. Since it begins and ends with the individual, it encompasses all aspects of the person. So while many coaches focus on a limited field like group dynamics or career planning, personal coaching is all encompassing and therein lies the potential for great impact. So … [Read more...]

Three Keys when Choosing Online Coach Training

Here are three keys to use when choosing an online coach training program. They actually apply to selecting any coaches training course, and that is actually one reason you know that they won’t steer you wrong. The first is rigor. The second is mode. And the third is proven results. Insist on Rigor in Any Program – Online or Off You must have rigor in a good online coach training program. Coaching is serious business. It is science and it is art. And what is more there is a lot of each that … [Read more...]

How Do I Become a Coach Who Helps People Succeed?

How do I become a coach who helps people succeed.? That is the question. Sure, as a coach, one of your first considerations is to make money. Coaching is your job, your profession, your career, your livelihood. So you have to make money at it or you will not be doing it for very long. One of the greatest things about coaching is the fact that you can make good or even great money while also helping others reach their goals and dreams. It is a win/win situation. That's one of the reasons … [Read more...]