How Do I Become a Coach Who Helps People Succeed?

How do I become a coach who helps people succeed.? That is the question. Sure, as a coach, one of your first considerations is to make money. Coaching is your job, your profession, your career, your livelihood. So you have to make money at it or you will not be doing it for very long.

One of the greatest things about coaching is the fact that you can make good or even great money while also helping others reach their goals and dreams. It is a win/win situation. That’s one of the reasons coaching is such a hot field right now. Many people want to become one and many others want to hire one. It’s a profession that is in demand!

So, the fundamental question is – how do I become a coach who helps people succeed? Here are the top three qualities. Do you possess these?

  • Honesty – you have to be honest with yourself and your clients. Honesty is the starting point for success.
  • Integrity – a person with integrity makes no excuses, takes no short cuts, and dedicates themselves to being the best coach they can be and helping their clients to be the best they can be.
  • Passion – a coach without passion is like Disneyland with Micky Mouse or a day without sunshine.

One More Answer to the Question, How Do I Become a Coach Who Helps People Succeed?

You have already learned that it takes honesty, integrity, and passion to be that special coach who clients seek out, that coach who clients know will help them get to where they want to go. But, there is one more answer to the question – How do I become a coach that helps people succeed? I already mentioned it above….dedication. That’s right – it takes dedication to your profession and your clients to become a superstar coach. If you are asking yourself, how do I become a coaching success. Without a doubt – dedication!

Plan to Become a Successful Coach

Successful entrepreneurs create a business plan when starting a new business; a coach should follow this example. Plan to succeed and plan for success! Here’s a plan that any type of coach can follow to get on the road to success.

  • Get educated and certified. First thing you should do is take courses, go through a program, and get certified.
  • Create a business plan. This will encompass every aspect of your business – the legal set up, the marketing strategy, the office location and set up, documentation, and other important items for a successful business.
  • Create a philosophical statement for your coaching practice. Decide who you are as a coach and write it down. This is your β€œI” or β€œme” statement.
  • Begin to network with other coaches, especially those who are experienced or in a similar field or niche.
  • Constantly work on your communication skills – take classes, read books, attend seminars, practice in the mirror – whatever it takes to get better at communicating. Communication is the cornerstone of your business.
  • Continue your education no matter how successful you become.

If you are asking yourself – How do I become a coach that helps people succeed and also has a successful and rewarding practice, I have just given you the answer.

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Fred Philips
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    This is a good article on becoming a good coach. But not only just a good coach. A coach that helps others become successful. That isn’t easy to do. Your suggestions look to be very helpful. I’ll take these with me and see if I can start to develop some of these as well. Thanks for sharing.

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