Become a Counseling or Coaching Superstar

Want to become a counseling superstar with all the trappings of success? Well, if you are in the coaching or counseling biz, or if you are thinking of getting into this dynamic and rewarding career, you will want to read this rest of the article. Becoming a counseling or coaching guru takes hard work, dedication, patience, and perseverance. What is a Counseling or Coaching Superstar What do I mean by a counseling or coaching superstar? It doesn't mean that you are famous, your name is known … [Read more...]

Self-Help: Become a Counseling Expert or Get Coaching Help?

Professionals often face this common decision – become a counseling  expert for themselves or hire a coach. If you are facing this choice, how about another solution – don't hire a coach, become a coach! Becoming a counseling expert on your own life is important if you want to push yourself to achieve goals. An unexamined life is not worth living, isn't that what Socrates said eons ago? Yes, you can guide yourself, examine your own life, create your own road map through the vicissitudes of … [Read more...]