Personal Coach Certification: Finding the Best Program

Personal Coach Certification: Finding the Best Program

With the growing number of life coaches, one thing is obvious – hyper competition in the life coaching industry – and to stand out from the rest, you need to get a personal coach certification. Personal coach certifications not only make you a better coach but also open a wide array of opportunities that will help you significantly increase your revenue from your life coaching practice.  It is important to find the best program but choosing the right program might not be that … [Read more...]

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A Personal Coach Certification Doesn’t Make You a Shrink

When you earn a personal coach certification, you are preparing to hang out your coaching shingle and start helping clients. You are well on your way to a career that can be both personally satisfying and financially rewarding. But, you are not on your way to being a shrink. Coaching is Not Therapy One of the biggest differences between coaching and therapy is that a coach will assume that the client is mentally healthy. Coaching relies on the fact the clients have the foundation of mental … [Read more...]

Personal Coach Certification: Key to Unlock Lives

As you might imagine, personal coach certification focuses on helping an individual achieve their highest purpose and greatest satisfaction. For me it blends and then goes beyond life coaching, career coaching and business coaching. Since it begins and ends with the individual, it encompasses all aspects of the person. So while many coaches focus on a limited field like group dynamics or career planning, personal coaching is all encompassing and therein lies the potential for great impact. So … [Read more...]