Online Coaching Workshops – Useful or Useless?

Are online coaching workshops the greatest thing since sliced bread, or are they just a waste of valuable time? Do they serve some useful purpose for beginning and experienced coaches, or is face-to-face training far superior?

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Online coaching training workshops have their pros and cons. I think their benefits far outweigh their cons, and should be an integral part of education for all coaches, no matter how long they have been practicing.

The Cons of Online Coaching Workshops

There really aren’t many cons for online coach workshops, but one that comes to mind is the lack of face-to-face training. Online workshops should never completely replace in-person training, but when it acts as a complement, it is perfect for busy professionals who want to further their coaching education.

The Benefits of Online Coach Workshops

Welcome to the 21st century – online training can be cheaper, more comprehensive, more flexible, and more adaptable to everyone’s needs. As long as face-to-face seminars and workshops aren’t eliminated completely, online training is something that can continue to revolutionize all types of coach training.

4 Benefits of Online Coaching Workshops

  • Easy for everyone to attend. No one has to leave their home, drive, or make arrangements for the kids or pets. Since most online training is also archived, anyone who wants access can retrieve the information anytime that fits their schedule.
  • Online training goes beyond regular types of training. It can be adapted to any situation and can be offered at any time of day. It can be more inclusive and can help a coaching school extend its reach nationally and internationally. It can also be beneficial for students as they can select from any type of school because geography is not an obstacle.
  • It is less expensive. Offering workshops online means less overhead for those giving the workshops which means less cost for those taking the workshops. It’s an egalitarian concept – more education for everyone. It’s the flat earth of coaching – everyone has a chance to learn and become the best coach they can be. It is a win/win situation for both the school and the student.
  • The workshop last forever. Because the seminar or workshop is filmed or recorded, it can be archived and then watched or heard at any time. The training is available forever. It can be watched over and over again. It can be used over and over again – saving money for both the training school and the student.

Don’t Completely Forget About In-Person Training

Just because online coach training is such a great way to learn the skills and knowledge to be a coach, it is important to remember that in-person training is still a crucial component of a coach’s education. Coaching is a people business, and some of the training should be interactive and face-to-face. No matter how good our technology becomes, it is doubtful that this need for interactive, in-person training will ever completely disappear.

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  1. Rieo says

    Online training for coaches have a lot more benefits than perceived but face-to-face training should never be overlooked as it is an integral part of training and cannot be replaced.

  2. Bea says

    The four benefits outlined by the author point to the fact that online training is indeed a plus for all out there who are looking for an update on their skills or even who are just “testing the waters”.

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