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Having an online coaching library can be used as a marketing tool to attract and retain clients. An online coaching library can serve as a supplement to your coaching sessions and perhaps provide an advantage in a highly competitive industry.

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Why You Should Build an Online Coaching Library

There are many reasons to create online coaching libraries. Here are a few of them:

  • To offer free information to potential clients as a promotional tool. You can send links out to potential clients, post links as advertising on other websites, or include links in an email newsletter. As long as the video contains some valuable information, it will serve as a great advertisement for your coaching services.
  • You can occasionally offer your entire library for free. This is similar to when authors offer their book free on Amazon for 24 hours or a specified period of time. This helps them reach more people, people who will write good reviews and tell others about the book. Free access to your online library of coaching videos can do the same thing – give more people access, people who may eventually sign up for your paid services or purchase your products.
  • An online coaching library works as a supplement to your coaching sessions. Whether your sessions are one-on-one, group, or seminars, coaching videos can be watched by clients at any time to bolster their knowledge and reinforce what has been accomplished during the sessions.

Online Coaching Libraries Boost Income

Coaching requires time – plenty of time. Yes, you can charge a hefty fee for your individual and group coaching sessions once you have established yourself as an expert and built a solid reputation in the industry.

However, these sessions take time and limit the amount of money you can make – there are only 24 hours in the day and you have to sleep sometime! By sticking to coaching sessions, you are limiting yourself to trading money for time.

But, there are other ways to make money. Passive income streams can make you additional income day-after-day, month-after-month, and year-after-year! Passive income streams can make a predictable, steady income while you sleep. Books and DVDs are just two of these passive income generators. You do all the work up front and then the money comes in over and over again.

An online coaching library can be set up to provide repeatable passive income. Not only can they be offered free as a promotional tool and to current clients, they can also be offered as a fee-based product for people all around the world who want access to your coaching knowledge and skills.

How to Make Online Coaching Videos That Produce Results

The results you want are more clients and more money. The 3 most important ways to make an online coaching library work to produce new clients and additional income are:

  • Offer something of value. You have to give some of your secrets away for free (to attract new clients), and more of your secrets away for a small fee (to build a passive income with your videos).
  • Make them accessible. To access your videos, people don’t want to go through a series of complicated steps. Make them easy to pay for and easy to watch.
  • take some time in the writing, presentation, filming, and editing to make them look good. There is nothing worse than very unprofessional videos with your name attached!

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