Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Talks Their Talk: How it Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life Coaching Salary

Do you think becoming a relationship coach who practices what they preach will affect your life coaching salary?  Or do you think just like church and state are separate in our government, in your career, what happens at home stays at home?

Start by Cleaning Up Your Own Life And See Changes in Your Life Coaching Salary

If you are thinking about becoming a relationship coach, or becoming a relationship coach with a better life coaching salary, you may want to start by cleaning up your own life and this is why.

Your clients will know:  If you are becoming a relationship coach, people will start asking about you and your relationships.  Don’t think you can hide it.  And if they think for a moment that your life is messed up, they aren’t going to help your life coaching salary increase.

You will know:  Even if your clients don’t ask, you will dread every call and your greatest fear will become whether this will be the call they ask the question.  And if you are not becoming a relationship coach who has confidence, your life coaching salary is not secure.

Your spouse will know:  Somehow, he or she will find out that you are becoming a relationship coach.  Then sparks will fly.  They won’t care if you are brining home a good life coaching salary if they feel you are ripping people off because after all…what do you know about relationships?

Becoming a Relationship Coach That Focuses on Their Own Relationships Takes Work

Face it.  Your life will be miserable if you have any integrity at all.  And if you don’t becoming a relationship coach is going to be a rough road uphill.  Forget about making a decent life coaching salary, and start looking for a part time job.  But if you start working on cleaning up things in your own relationship, and you will have a greater mastery over the tools you will need to help others.  Do you have to have it down perfectly?  Of course not, we are all works in progress.  But once you begin your own your journey you will have the confidence to make a difference in other people’s lives, because you have made a difference in your own.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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