The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching Revealed


The art and practice of leadership coaching requires you to spend lots of time coaching, and you need to have plenty of patience. The only way to learn the art of leadership coaching is to practice it on a weekly  basis and get frequent constructive feedback from other coaches.

It’s important to get experience because you want to practice with another coach to ensure your leadership coaching will be effective for your paying clients straightway.

Gain Competence In The Art And Practice Of Leadership Coaching

Work for a coaching company or join a coaching program to get yourself in a coaching environment where you can practice leadership coaching on a weekly basis.

It’s best to practice with other coaches who know what to expect from a leadership coach.  The invaluable feedback you’ll get will be based on guidance from another coach who can quickly evaluate your performance and skills.

Get Feedback to Learn The Art And Practice Of Leadership Coaching

1.    Have your coaching partner score you on your leadership effectiveness. This is your first step in learning the art and practice of leadership coaching. Your leadership effectiveness feedback gives you valuable insights into how useful you are in getting people to do what they don’t want to do.

Your clients will hire you as a leadership coach because they want to do something they’ve never done before or they want to get it done in a record time. You need to ensure you can help them get past any blocks or obstacles that get in their way and push your client to stretch beyond what’s normal for them.

2.    Get pointers on your  accountability effectiveness.  This part of the art and practice of leadership coaching is the most important skill you need. Accountability effectiveness is about how well you hold your clients to their promises. Your client will only have power in their lives to get things done in record time if they are being their “word.”

When they break their promises, and they will,  you need to take a stand for what it is they want to accomplish in their life.

3.    Are you coachable? How well do you respond to the feedback you get from your coaching partners? You will need to put the art of leadership coaching to play every week in your future coaching sessions.

The Fast-Track To Learn Leadership Coaching

Now your first step is to find a great training company or join a coaching organization to get yourself in a good position to gain the knowledge and best practices of the art and practice of leadership coaching.

To get your leadership coaching practice off the ground quickly, select a leadership coaching training program that will offer you the opportunity to practice a minimum of five hours per week so you can use and improve your coaching knowledge on a daily basis.

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Donald R. Hunter, MBA, CFP
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