Success Coaching: Giving Your Clients Inner Game Coaching To Create Great Relationships With Others

In your success coaching business, what inner game coaching will help your clients create great relationships with others?  In success coaching you must help your to clients master creating relationships with other people.  They will need inner game coaching to change how they listen to others when others speak.  Here are two strategies to use to help your clients maintain great relationships with other people.

Success Coaching Technique:  Make Sure Your Client Makes The Other Person Feel Like Your Client Understands Them First

The first inner game coaching technique is to change how your client listens to others.  Help your client to seek first to understand the other person, then to be understood by the person.  It’s not whether your client thinks that the other person feels understood by your client.  It’s whether the OTHER person thinks your client understands them.  If your client is only concerned about being understood there will be no agreement.   Your success coaching client should say things like “let me make sure I understand, you mean this….correct?”  Your client needs to put a little extra effort to make sure they understand what the person means.

Inner Game Coaching:  Complaints Are Just Feedback And Not A Personal Attack

When giving your client inner game coaching you will need to teach them how to deal with complaints from people since they will hear complaints from time to time.  In your success coaching business, teach your client that complaints are just feedback.  It isn’t a personal attack if their boss or a client complains about them.  It is really valuable to know this in order to prevent your client from getting defensive.  If they are defending themselves they are not trying to satisfy the complaint.  If your client seeks to understand others first, instead of  to be understood, they will maintain great relationships.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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