Psychology Coaching 101: How Where You Are in Your Inner Game Coaching Business Makes All the Difference

Understanding psychology coaching can really help drive your results.  Sure we know from inner game coaching that wherever we are, is a result.  It’s the effect of our actions, thoughts and beliefs.  But according the psychology coaching experts, beliefs drive 95% of our perceptions, behaviors and actions.  There are three basic zones in inner game coaching, and where you are with your own inner game coaching can predict quite a bit.

What Does Psychology Coaching Teach Us About Flight or Fight?

Inner Game Coaching Zone #1:  The Danger Zone

What would psychology coaching say about this zone?  This is the fight or flight zone high stress, high motivation and high risk.  It is here where people decide to finally step up to the plate and get the result they want, or they curl up in a ball and do nothing.  Most people do not tolerate being here for too long before they move toward the next zone or their life completely unravels and they become comfortable in a lower level.

After The Danger Zone, Pyschology Coaching Clients Will Find Themselves in Their Comfort Zone

Inner Game Coaching Zone #2:  The Comfort Zone:

In this zone, people are surviving.  If they have just made it out of the Danger Zone they are likely to stop and rest here.  Without some type of psychology coaching, most people will not move on to the third zone.  Most people are motivated away from pain, and in this zone there is a perception that there will be less pain staying than moving forward to the Thriving Zone.  Of course, if they start slipping into the Danger Zone again they will usually react quickly.

Lastly, With Psychology Coaching Your Client Can Enter The Thriving Zone

Inner Game Coaching Zone #3:  The Thriving Zone

Few people ever achieve this zone without psychology coaching, and in the U.S. it’s a shame.  To get to this zone, most people have to undergo “growing” pains.  They need to shed the beliefs that are not serving them, take consistent new actions toward the life they want, and surround themselves with peers that support them.  For most people, this is an insurmountable challenge on their own.

The great news, however, is that according to the psychology coaching experts once you make it to the Thriving Zone you become a person who will naturally move back there.  You could loose your house, your car, your family and friends, and still be able to re-create it as long as your inner game has not changed.  In inner game coaching, your gift to your clients is opening up that possibility.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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