Get and Give Coaching + Training

Whether you are training to be a coach, or a professional coach in your practice, you’ve got to get and give coaching + training.  So whether you are evaluating coaching training programs, or formulating your own coaching practice, it takes both. Here is what I mean. To Learn Coaching, You Must Get and Give Coaching I admit there is a lot of “book learning” that goes into becoming an expert coach, but there is also personal and skills development that require getting coaching and giving … [Read more...]

Bizarre Ways to Get Coaching Training

“Bizarre ways to get coaching training.” OK. I picked that title to get your attention. But I am so committed to it that I looked up the word “bizarre” and what do you suppose I found? The definition, of course… “strikingly out of the ordinary.” Hum. Here are three sensible, if perhaps strikingly out of the ordinary ways to become a trained coach. Learn by following these examples. Who else Helps Their Client Play a Different Role? How about a director? Are they involved in coaching training? … [Read more...]

Three Musts For Effective Coaching Training

When evaluating coaching training for yourself, make sure you get plenty of these three ingredients: skills matched to real-world needs, scientifically grounded principles, and lots and lots of actual coaching. These could come entirely in a classroom setting, over the internet, or via conference calls. In fact, the best programs are a mix of all three. Just don’t expect to get what you need to be a great coach in three weeks or less, for the bargain price of $999.00. Expect to invest a year and … [Read more...]

Three Must-Haves in Coaching Training

There are a LOT of coaching training programs out there. There are good programs, and I am sure that there are some really bad programs. Promises of “certification” or titles of “master coach” don’t guarantee anything in the real world. Before you sign up, check out the school and its faculty, ask for a free coaching session, demand to speak with staff and graduates, check out training materials. And whatever else you do look for these three must-haves. Consider only Comprehensive, … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Training From Reality TV

Watch The Amazing Race on CBS sometime and you can get some terrific life coaching training on meeting goals. It's a reality show where teams of two race around the world completing various tasks along the way. The first team to finish wins a million dollars, and at the end of each leg there is the risk that your team will be eliminated if you arrive last. It's grueling. Teams are exhausted, filthy and challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. So what does this have to do with life coach … [Read more...]

Coach Training Techniques For Training Elite Coaches

After almost a decade of being a 'crash test dummy' for coach training techniques (not to mention, running my own coaches trainings), I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't work for training elite coaches. The best coaches aren't prodigies, born with elite coaching skills. The Best Coaches Are Trained With High Level Coach Training Techniques There are lots of coach trainings to choose from. Some of them are 'niched' for a particular type of coaching (like 'christian coaching' … [Read more...]

Mentor Skills: The Added Value You Can Provide by Completing Coaching Training Courses

The Difference Between Coaching Training and Mentor Skills There is a large overlap between coaching skills and mentor skills, and after taking most coaching training courses you should have at least some basic mentor skills.  One of the key differences between skills needed to coach and skills needed to mentor is experience, which gives the mentor credibility.  Experience is the one thing you need to become a mentor that you can’t get from coaching training.  Beyond a sincere interest in … [Read more...]

What Good is a Career Coach Certificate if You Still Don’t Have Enough Clients? Read This Before You Invest in Another Coaching Training Program

Career Coach Certificates and Coaching Training Doesn't Work Do you have a career coach certificate and still can’t find enough clients? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most coaching training programs teach you coaching techniques, but fall short when teaching ways for coaches to find clients, let alone grateful clients who pay cash and refer people. Is that too much to ask for? Of course not. So before you sign up for another coaching training program and try to get an advanced career coach … [Read more...]

How To Become a Parenting Coach – Accountability Coaching Training on the Front Lines

What do you need to do to become a parenting coach? A great niche market. There are a lot of parents out there, and anyone who has watched any of those nanny shows can see there are a lot of parents who need help. Perhaps "Super Nanny" is the British version of the accountability coach. What does it take to become a parenting coach? Anyone who has ever had kids, or taken care of them for extended periods of time has at least some instant credibility. If you are a certified accountability coach, … [Read more...]

How to Become a Dating Coach: Coaches Training on Identifying The 3 Main Types of Men

If you want to become a dating coach, the first thing you will need to learn is how to quickly categorize the 3 main personality types of men. Of course, some women will be better suited as matches for each type as well, but others might be able to date across categories. In order to become a dating coach, you will need to be able to appreciate the strengths and Achilles’ heels of each category. Coaches Training Disclaimer: For the sake of discussion, we will assume that men do not switch … [Read more...]